Saturday, September 14, 2013

Scrappy Bargains

I love a scrappy deal!  They don't come along as often as we would all like and when you really think of the prices we pay for all of the little bits and bobs that we put on our pages, it is pricey.  A trip to a The Scrapbook Outlet store, in Edmonton,  always restores my faith that there is a cheaper way to scrap.

Best deal of the day was this amazing package of Studio Calico "Atlantic" goodies for $12!  Relatively new product having just been released at Winter CHA.

That's 6 pieces of double sided paper, one sheet of velum, 3 sets of Thickers, a 6x6 paper pad, star stickers and sequins!  Score!!  I'm a happy camper!

Most of the merchandise is older and therefore is marked down to 50% for most items.  There are so many good deals to be had, if you haven't already had the collection.

I am a forever Cosmo Cricket fan and was thrilled to find this collection from 2008!

Could it be the name...

that has me thinking of this little guy?

I just may do some fun and playful Jack pages with this.  :)  At $9.75 it was a pretty good bargain.

This outlet store is the perfect spot to look for vintage BG paper!  Here's what I scored for $0.30 a sheet.  These lines are so old that they are only one sided.

And some other assorted treasure at rock bottom prices!

Ahh, scrappy sales make me happy!



  1. Oh that place sounds like heaven to a scrapbooker. I'd have picked up every one of those items too. It's double fun to get scrappy goodies on sale, isn't it!

  2. Wow, you scored some great deals there! I need to go have a look around that place again sometime. I love the SC product you got and those peach coloured alphas look suspiciously like my all-time favourite font "Sunrise" - the black set that I've used so many times.

  3. I'm really loving that place too even if it is almost a half hour from my house. The last time I was there I almost felt dizzy rolling backwards through time looking at all the great "latest and greatest" stuff that was all the rage over the last number of years. It was great to buy some of the embellishments that go with some of my stash paper at really nice prices since I just about never buy them at the regular prices. Who knows...maybe someday I'll bump into you there! Not anonymous Carolyn

  4. Too bad that Scrapbook Outlet is taking business from the stores that they used to sell to and kept their wholesale company open for so many years. The legitimate stores are really hurting now... :(

    1. I didn't realize that they closed their warehouse business but I guess it makes sense otherwise they would be in competition against their own business people. I'm surprised that The Scrapbook Outlet is having an effect on the other LSS's in the area as the product they are selling is so different. I am always on the lookout for the new goodies and trends so will continue to shop at the other stores more often than the outlet store. I guess for a person who was new to scrapping or didn't have much of the older product it would sway them to stay away from the area LSS's. Hopefully there is enough of us scrappers to support all of these shops. :)

  5. I think that's a good answer Jen :)

    I'm not jealous, I'm not jealous. Actually I am jealous lol


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