Sunday, September 1, 2013

The Chair

Oh, HomeSense.  I have to admit that I do love to pop in to see what is new.  After all, they claim to get in new items daily.  I have already shared some of the amazing scrappy deals I have found there.  But, sometimes I visit there on weekday afternoons and notice middle aged women just milling around. I think that they are regulars.   They look lonely to me somehow.  Just passing the time and hoping that a bargain piece of decor for their home will put some excitement in their day and somehow fulfill them.  I wonder if I look like one of those woman myself to other onlookers.  I want to yell out, "but wait....  I'm buying scrappy goods!  It's a creative thing!  I know that cheap home decor won't make me happy!"

What's worse than the millers are the woman you see dragging out large pieces of furniture and trying to fit them into their cars.  I wonder what their spouses think to arrive home to a new piece of furniture. It strikes me as funny because I always see furniture buying as a huge purchase that should be a joint decision with many factors to be discussed.  Things like quality, durability, ability to hide everyday dirt and slobbery dogs.

Then the other day happened.  I was in milling around looking for scrappy deals when I spied this chair!

It was love at first sight.  The delicate feminine size to it.  The detail of the buttons.  The shine of the elegant fabric that sometimes looked white, other times grey and sometimes even a hint of blue.  It was made to sit in my bedroom. I sat in it and imagined myself sipping tea.   Logic told me that the quality would be poor and it would show dirt and dog slobber.  But, I still loved it.

I didn't stoop so low as to drag it home.  Instead, I came home and dragged Rob back to the store for his   take on the chair.  What if it was just an "occasional chair"?  Really only bought as a thing of beauty.  How often will either of us sit in a chair in our bedroom.  It isn't like we hang out in there.  The dogs would have no need to be up on it either.  And so after milling around for a bit, we bought it and Rob dragged it out through the parking lot and fit it neatly into the car.  Somehow I feel that I did save face.  I didn't look as desperate as those other woman because of making this purchase with Rob by my side.  ;)  Now when I walk down the hallway to enter our bedroom, I see this....

....and it makes me happy.  ;)



  1. I love this! It's a beautiful chair and the way you described its purchase reminded me so much of myself at our TK Maxx. I'm not killing time: I'm cleverly hunting for bargains to style my home in a chic and creative manner :)

  2. It's gorgeous and I would have dragged it to my car and try to fit it in :-P


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