Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Thrifty Treasure

A recent trip to my favourite second hand shop had me taking a trip down memory lane... back to the 70's.  I came upon this rug hooking kit circa 1970 something!

Still in it's original box, take a look at the photo on the back.

It is totally printed in German too!  This makes it even more unique.  The canvas is 100% cotton and the yarn is 100% wool!

I got really excited when I saw that the original instructions were included.  The Big Guy was soon to remind me that I don't speak German.  LOL  Diane and Lisa both took a few years of German during High School.  Diane said that there are only two sentences that she understands.  "Be quiet please, Diane." and "Can I please go to the bathroom?"  Yes, she was not a strong German student.  ;)  Lisa, on the other hand,  had a good accent and was a keen student, so maybe she would be of more help with translation.

This is the perfect 70's palette!

Oh the hooked shag look brings me back.

Kitty Forman would be proud to have this wall piece hanging in her living room.  As for me, Rob has suggested that it hang next to the freezer, in the basement unfinished utility room.  :(  I think it may just end up somewhere in the basement near my lamp.  ;)

It was red tag sale day, so it only cost $1 and then $0.20 for each extra roll of yarn.  A total cost of $2.20 to bring back a piece of the past!  I just hope I have enough yarn to finish the design.  I'll keep you posted.  :)



  1. Oh the memories of the 70s that brings back. I used to hook kits like this and make them into pillows for our rumpus room! Remember that term! lol
    Like yours, mine were never the cutesy ones...just something like yours or a bargatello pattern.

    Now I am remembering the macrame jute hangers full of huge plants that I had in that room!!!

  2. Brilliant! I have such happy memories of the rugs my Dad used to work on in the 70's: I think he learned how to do it so he could teach his pupils as part of handwork lessons. Yours is a retro treasure..those little packets of wool? I used to love their feel and their smell

  3. Oh that is so cool!!! I took three years of German, and after almost 30 yrs of not using it.. well... I don't know what Knupfen is. Das is the neutral form of 'the'. Gemacht I think is made. Aktuelle (I looked this one up) translated is "current". Laura took German in high school and she would write things in German thinking I wouldn't know what she was saying... ha! Fooled her. I figured it out, and busted her bubble. LOL German has since been taken out of our schools. All of them have except for Spanish and French. :( Rumor has Mandarin and Arabic are coming in one of these years. Brit said she will stick with her Spanish and then are already teaching Ben Spanish in school, so he will do the same. Anyway.. the latch hook is a really cool find! I used to make those - alot! I tried teaching the girls. Laura did one once. Brit isn't into any of that. I can't wait to see this finished. And Scrappymo, I too did the macrame hangers!! I think I have tried them all, except knitting. LOL

  4. Very cool! Love those pears, of course. ;-) Who knows, maybe rug-hooking will make a comeback and you'll be way ahead of the game. I only did one rug back in the 80's and we used it in our bedroom until it wasn't fit for walking on anymore. I totally loved rug-hooking.

  5. Gosh. That brings back memories. I also remember my wee son was 5 when I last worked on a wall hanging. He got a hiding and out of revenge mixed up all my strands of was a huge mission to get all the different colours together again.

  6. Ohhh this brings back memories for me too!! I made one of these with my mum (I'm from 1963) and it hang forever in our living room. Btw, if you struggle with German sentences let me know, I'm half German so I should be able to translate it.... :)


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