Saturday, October 26, 2013

Saturday at the Dog Park

Diane invited Rob and I to the dog park that she often brings Jack to.  It was the perfect fall day to be outside enjoying the season before the snow hits.  Rumour has it, it may snow tomorrow and we will be onto the next season.  Winter is good too though, so I'm not complaining.

The best thing about walking with dogs is that dogs will always stop to visit with every dog that they meet along the way.  This forces the humans to visit too.  You end up meeting some lovely people who you may have otherwise just smiled at as you passed had it not been for our furry friends reminding us how it should be done.

I must have pet over 50 different dogs today.  This guy made me smile.

This dog park even has a spot where the dogs can run down to the river and have a swim.  We saw lots of big wet dogs today.  It is great for the "water dogs" to have this place to swim.

Needless to say,  Jack had a blast and was a tired little pup by the time we got home.

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to bring my two girls along.  Their knees would never have made it through the 5 km trail.  They were not too happy when I arrived home and they could smell the scents of so many dogs on me. Poor girlies. :(  I'll make it up to them with a walk through the park near our house tomorrow.

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  1. Cute photos. It was such a nice day to be outside today.

  2. Such a nice place to walk! Bulldogs are becoming very popular. We have 3 on our block!! I love Golden's too. That blonde one is so pretty!!! We used to take the dogs to the State Parks to walk years ago. It was good for them (and us). But then, they would sleep on the way home as it was about an hour drive to this really cool state park. They would have their 2nd wind by the time we got home.
    Following Susan's lead, and cleaning up the yard today. Kids will love me. LOL It's their job to clean up from the dogs. I will trim my hostas back and other plants and put away my deck furniture and fire pit. So much for a long, balmy fall (without the blustery winds) so I can burn the old lumber from our deck.

  3. Wow, how awesome to have dog parks. In our country not even the "human" parks are maintained well and has become a danger to visit. Jack is growing by the day.


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