Wednesday, November 27, 2013

A Great Neighbour

I have been thinking a lot about the whole process of scrapping, lately.  I go through phases where I do this.  I question when this passion will end for me and more importantly, how many albums I will have accumulated when this time comes.  I don't scrap as much as I used to,  so the albums are not filling up quite as quickly.  I tried the less lumpy route in hopes of getting more pages into an album, but that was an epic failure. I like lumpy!  My newest thought is to only scrap photos that have a story to tell.  Maybe an album will be less likely to be tossed by the next generation if it contains stories.

This story idea comes with a problem for me though.  I can tell (or sometimes imagine) a story with almost anything.  It comes from being my mother's daughter.  Susan is the same way too.  We can just see a person out in public doing his thing and come up with this entire imagined life story.  So when it comes to photos, stories come easy.  Most photos have a story for me.  Maybe I have to limit myself to scrapping photos with important stories to tell.  But then who determines what is important?

Alas, this photo got scrapped because it has a story.  So I have taken to photographing random animals I see about.  Crazy? You decide.  ;)  This page features the cat who lives next door to Diane and Eric.

She is the sweetest little thing.  Whenever she sees us she comes trotting over for some love.  She purrs very loud and rubs her head deep into your hand.  She then rubs her entire body along your leg.  Eric loves her and worries if he thinks she has been outside too long.  She loves being out and is a well taken care of cat.  Eric thinks that maybe she would be happier living at their place.  Catnapping has been discussed, after all, she would make a perfect friend for Mo.  Diane, on the other hand,  finds this cat annoying.  This kitty has a habit of jumping out of the bushes, in the dark at late hours of the night.   She also loves to go up onto their balcony and sit and peer into the window looking for Mo.  Yes, she is a friendly little girl.

And so, this "important" story has been documented and put away into Diane's album so that generations down the line can remember Diane and Eric's "cat neighbour" back in 2013.  Who am I fooling?  I just like scrapping the furry creatures in life.  ;)

I used more of AC's "Polka Dot Party".  I am debating if I will add something to the far left corner.  It seems a bit empty but I pushed my journaling over to show those awesome scribbles on that sheet of paper.  Not sure I want to cover that up.  I'll think on it.

Here's the sketch.  From Studio Calico, I think.

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  1. It is a great page! I love the colors. I think all the little details are important to document too. I too have been doing the same pondering and thinking. I am not much of a story teller like you and your sis. For me, lately some of my projects have been just because they match a kit. I want to document more of the stories of our lives. And because I am a shutterbug, I have too many photos, if there is such a thing. I think I am going for printing smaller to fit more on a page. :)

  2. Do you know what? I don't even worry if the albums will be tossed somewhere in the future. I love this hobby and the therapy I get from doing it. I do love to read your stories and get inspired by your lovely pages.

  3. I agree with Lynette...and I do it because I love it. I say just have fun Jennifer and enjoy the hobby in the best way it fits for you!! And you definitely do amazing pages! I love the pops of Pink and Yellow together on your page!

  4. I'd be the very last person to tell you a story was crazy! I'll record anything at all that takes my fancy and I'll stick it all down with lots of paper because I just love to play with paper. I've noticed lots of my favourite scrappers slowing down a bit recently, but I hope you do keep on producing pages for many years to come


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