Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Adventures in Yarn Winding

The yarn winder arrived today!  Finally I got a chance to try out my swift...

...and turn skeins of yarn into beautiful little yarn cakes.

I was off to a rocky start when the swift wasn't turning properly.  When it fell on the floor and landed on my toe, the problem seemed to right itself.  LOL  Here is the process in action.  The swift holds the skein of wool instead of having to beg a random family member to lend their arms to the task.  The yarn is then rolled into a neat little cake by simply turning the crank.

Look how neatly the ball is rolled.  Just makes me happy!

These lovely little cakes make knitting that much more fun!  :)

In other knitting news, hoping this book will inspire me to kick the mitten knits up a notch.  So far I have only quickly looked at the patterns.  They seem scary.  ;)

Sorry for the poor photo quality.  It is getting dark here very early.  But I'm not complaining.  I like long  winter evenings.

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  1. That looks very addictive. I have a funny feeling that the man who loves gadgets might try to adopt it if I had one here (he likes rug hooking with a latchet..you can see where I'm coming from with that!)

  2. I love to see more of your latest addiction ;-)
    I am surd you will figurd out how to make those lovely mitts.


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