Thursday, November 21, 2013

Celebrating Winter

In Alberta, winter lasts about 6 months of the year, so it is important to just embrace it.  Years ago I grumbled through this season each year.  Starting my winter themed album and focusing on the beauty of winter, helped to turn my perception around.  That being said, you will still hear me whining when it hits -30c or when we get a huge dumping of snow in April.  LOL

Here's one for the winter album using Crate's "Bundled Up" and focusing on my two favourite colours, gold and turquoise!

The sketch is by Julie Blanc.  I always love her linear designs.

With December soon approaching, this festive mug has made its way to the front of the cupboard.  It has to be my all time favourite Starbuck's mug back from 2005.  I originally had a matching mate in turquoise adorning the word "Hope".  Sadly, that one got broken somewhere along the way.

Have a wonderful day and hoping that your days are feeling a little more festive!



  1. I love your page, Jen. I am glad you found your way down to your scraproom. I am having a hard time embracing the cold weather. Windchills will more than likely hit below zero tomorrow night. 11 above for the temp with 30 mph winds predicted. When Laura was little, winters were much shorter. This time of year was still pretty mild and no snow. I miss those days where winter came in December and was gone by the end of March at the latest. Now it is Oct. - May. :/
    I hope you share some of your Winter Solstice decor. When I am out and about now, I see all kinds of things and think of you and your new winter theme. :) Today, while waiting for my tire to be fixed (got a flat on the way home from dropping the boy off this morning), I wandered through Pier One and saw all kinds of wonderful things for your theme.. there were the cutest little animals!!

  2. What a gorgeous cosy look this lovely page has.

    Feeling festive? Yes! My sister and I are doing a Jen and Susan and going out for the day today :)

  3. Beautiful page Jennifer! I actually really love winter, but I have never experienced winters like the ones you are talking about. I think even I would be grumbling in temperatures like that. Lol! Hope you survive the winter and get plenty time for knitting and scrapping. :)

  4. I love your page and the pretty colours you used. I for one, am not fond of winter and that being said, our winters are very mild and I have never experienced snow. So bundle up, stay cheerful, knit and scrap to your hearts content.

  5. Awesome use of the CP collection Jennifer and I love the touches of Gold mist you used on your background!! So pretty!


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