Friday, November 1, 2013

Halloween Recap

Just a quick post to share a photo of Little Tom in his Spiderman costume.  Is this just not the cutest and look at those muscles!  LOL

And who says that Halloween is only for the little ones?  My Big Guy still seems to have fun with it!

Hope you all had a spooktacular time!



  1. Love the pics!!! The one of Rob is so funny. :)

    I bought the kids a bag of goodies so they have some sweets. Ben carved a pumpkin at school yesterday with the 5th graders. So, really he didn't miss out on much. It was nice to get a bunch of that big stuff out of the garage and to Jim's house. Now, to find the time to finish cleaning it up and getting a new workbench we bought together.

  2. LOL! We don't do Halloween in South Africa.

  3. Very cute! We had lots of Trick or Treaters and I just love to admire all the costumes. Great fun, no matter what age you are

  4. Haha! This made me laugh Jennifer! :)


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