Friday, November 15, 2013

Knitting News

As of late, I am wondering if the name of this blog should be changed to Knitting Daze.  I seem to be wrapped up in the world of knitting.  Must have something to do with our dropping temperatures and snow fall.

Mittens have been made!

This stripy goodness still needs a mate!

A trip to the good wool store in Edmonton seems like the perfect place to pop into these days.  The last visit brought home these amazing skeins!  All natural!  We have some alpaca then there is a mix of wool, silk and bamboo.  Not sure what these will turn into, but time will tell.

The big excitement was acquiring this yarn swift.  What is it you ask?  It aids in rolling the skein of yarn.  Takes the place of someone's arms holding the skein while a second party rolls the yarn!  Brilliant!  A ball winder is on order too.  It rolls the yarn into amazing little cakes of awesomeness!  I'll do a post on this process soon.

A big thank you to all of you who still follow my blog and support my knitting adventures!  I realize that there isn't much scrappy going on here and not much scrappy inspiration to be had.  Just so I can say that this is still a scrappy spot, here's what will be making it's way down to the studio soon.

Yes, it's Crate's "Bundled Up".  When Susan first saw it's release she said that that was the ultimate winter line for me, if there ever was one.  I love the palette and those vintage images are just so cute.  I also really appreciate that it is more winter themed than Christmas.  Heidi Swap Colour Shine in white seems like a must for winter pages!  Time to get scrapping some pages for my winter themed album.  :)

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend with some time for crafting.



  1. I have come to love visiting your little place in cyberspace...that means I am interested in everything you do. So happy knitting my friend. xxx

  2. I love seeing your knitting projects as well as your scrappy ones. :) Have fun with your knitting. The mittens look great as do the new colors of skeins of yarn! I can't wait to see what you make. Have fun playing with your new scrappy goodies!!

    1. Ben says you are a good knitter. :) "She's a good one", he says. :)

  3. I like knitting just as much as I like scrapbooking, so really this blog is the perfect destination for me! I'm interested in that gadget..let's see it in action


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