Saturday, November 30, 2013

More on Vintage Dishes

A little bit of research led me to some great information regarding my amazing find of vintage dishes at the thrift shop.

Kathie Winkle was a top designer for Broadhurst from the 1950's until 1978 when  hand designed and painted dishes became a thing of the past.  Machine designed techniques came into fashion.  At this time she worked in quality control for the company.  She created over 100 designs in her career.  My pattern "Versailles"  is from 1970.  I knew they were from the 70's!  Yay!

A quick peek at eBay had one person asking $10 for one dinner plate.  Not sure they would get that.  I guess getting eight plates for $1.50 really was a good deal!

After learning more about this awesome collection,  I decided to return to the thrift shop to see if the eight mugs that I left behind where still there.  Happily, they were so I took them home.  The 50% off sale was done so I paid a whole $3.  ;)  Still a deal!

These mugs are what I call "teasers".  Not a huge mug but really great if you had many people to serve and didn't want to empty the coffee pot before filling everyone's mug.  They afford a hostess the chance to fill all of the mugs and get another pot started for the next round.  Now I just need to have a coffee party!  Nah.  What can I say, I'm a solitary kind of girl.

Rob got pretty happy when I told him the history of these dishes and asked hopefully if I was going to try to sell them on eBay.  What?!?  No way!  They're mine!!  ;)

Okay, I promise to stop blogging about dishes.... for a while anyway.  ;)

Wishing you all a wonderful day!



  1. I think these are really neat. How fun to find out more about your dishes, and even better that the cups were still there!! :)

  2. Amazing research Jennifer. I giggled about Rob wanting to know whether you intend selling them on Ebay.

  3. hey Jen - great job on the dishes - you could always use the little cups for desserts or breakfast morning oatmeal!! Rob could put his granola in there. As for your post about making up stories about random, unknown people... it must be a sister thing cause my sister and I do that all the time. I remember when Ken and I were dating and he was on a shopping trip with my sister and I (which he sure doesn't do now) and my sister and I were telling elaborate stories about folks and he asked "how do you know so many people". Ha, we still do it today - and being sisters, sometimes we only have to give each other the look and we both know!!


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