Monday, November 4, 2013

On to the Next Season

Around here we basically go from fall to winter overnight.   Out with pumpkins and shades of gold and in with bare branches and glittery snow.   I love living in a country where I get to enjoy the fun things involved with each new season.  On Saturday night the snow came down and then we woke to a winter wonderland.

Rob and I decided to brave the somewhat "wintery" roads to head into the city to our favourite bird supply store.   We wanted to make sure that we had the right mix of food to help out our little feathered friends this winter.  Apparently, shelled sunflower seed and suet will do the trick.    We had a new idea in mind for this winter though.  Rob spied a little brown squirrel in our yard a few weeks ago and got the idea that it might be nice to feed these little critters this winter.  So this trip, instead of looking at the bird feeders, we were studying the ins and outs of squirrel feeders!

Dried corn anyone?  Not only will the squirrels love this, but Blue Jays will also stop for a nibble!  I love looking out and seeing this pop of colour in my backyard.

This feeder is my favourite.  It dispenses peanuts to little squirrels who climb up from underneath.

The beauty of it is that it will keep the Magpies and Crows out.  I try not to attract these birds who prey on song birds.  Yes, they are beautiful creatures and I know it is just the circle of life, but it is hard to see them sitting on my birdhouses looking in for tasty treats of baby birds.  :(

So, the Big Guy got out his screw driver and forged through the snow to put up our latest!

Now we just have to wait for visitors.  It is always so rewarding to spy wildlife in my backyard on a cold winter's day when it appears as if every creature has gone south.  Here's to warm mittens and puffy down jackets,  snow covered branches, trips to Starbucks to sit in a comfy chair and sip a hot latte,  the sound of snow squeaking underneath winter boots and snowflakes dancing through the air down to the ground!  

Happy Winter!!



  1. Wow1 snow! It does look pretty. It's unseasonably warm here: yesterday I didn't even need my coat on to go out and rake up leaves

  2. I can't believe you have snow already. I love your photos and can't wait to see your photos of birds and squirrels.

  3. It is neat seeing all of your feeders. The wildlife sure is great fun to watch. Last week still there were a lot of geese in the ponds in our development. LOTS! I don't know where they were all summer, because they sure weren't here. The one pond was full of geese as well as the shoreline. Oh that snow is on its way down here, supposed to hit here tonight they say. It is really pretty nippy out in the mornings. The rooftops and grass is white each morning from a good frost during the night. I am going to enjoy the last bit of green until the snow comes.

  4. Oh wow, snow already! I'm looking forward to see pics of your 'visitors' soon Jennifer! :)

  5. Enjoy your little visitors. I'm sure they'll enjoy their tasty treats!


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