Monday, November 11, 2013

Signs of November

I know it is November when the fancy red cups come out at Starbucks, the knitting is in high gear and I'm wearing my poppy.

Today is Remembrance Day here in Canada.  I am grateful for our military and appreciate the sacrifices that they make every day for our country.  I am thankful for our Veterans for all that they have done to keep us safe... some making the ultimate sacrifice.  I will remember.



  1. What a nice way to pull all those reds together

  2. My children's school created a field of poppies this year. Very powerful.

  3. I agree that the first sign of holiday time for me is the red cups too, I am a confessed coffee addict. Lol enjoy your week!!!!

  4. I love the red Starbucks cup. It is heating up on this side of the world and that makes me happy.


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