Friday, November 22, 2013

The Bird Tree

This past weekend marked the second annual decorating of the bird tree!  I love this little gem and it is sure to be a holiday tradition for many years to come.  No, it is not snowing in my living room, although it sure looks like it is.  ;)  Some new wintery edits at PicMonkey just seemed like too much fun to pass up.

There are a few new ornaments this year.


This little bird is a special one. 

 It came from my parents.  I'm not sure if it was my father's or my mother's as a child.  I'll have to find out if my father knows.  I would guess that it is from the mid 1930's.  It amazes me how the tail feathers are still perfect and the clip still works.  Bird ornaments that I purchased just a few years ago are already losing their glued on clips and their tail feathers are gone.   :(  Things in the past were made to last. 

Hoping that your holiday traditions are taking shape!



  1. Your bird tred is beautiful and it is so special that it was passed down to you by your parents.

  2. Gosh this is just beautiful. We still need to put our tree up...... A job for this weekend I think :).

  3. I love your bird tree. How nice to have one of your parents.. such a wonderful keepsake. Decorations aren't going up until next Thursday here. Usually it goes up the day after Thanksgiving, but with DH having to work this year, we will spend Thanksgiving day in between cooking a turkey dinner putting up the tree.

  4. It's beautiful. And I love the snowy, soft look you have given your photos too

  5. What a pretty thing that is. Really gets us in the spirit, thanks for sharing.


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