Saturday, November 16, 2013

This Morning...

...When I open my front door I see this.

When I open my back door I see this.

So...I guess we'll stay home today.

It's a Snow Day!

Happy Winter!  :)



  1. No!!! LOL That means it will be down here soon. I totally loved our weather yesterday. Sun and 50F outside!! Today, gloomy. Rain in the forecast, but temps are still mild.. in the high 40's. Enjoy your snow day.. I am sure Rob will be out shoveling and snow blowing driveways and sidewalks. :)

  2. Beautiful but brrrrrrr...very cold. Keep warm and knit or make a pretty page.

  3. Wow! Lovely blanket of the white stuff. Waiting to experience my first winter here in Oregon, we are actually visiting mount hood tomorrow to see how much snow has fallen so far. Hubby seems to think he can still snowboard like a teenager :) I have no clue about winter sports. But it will be fun. Enjoy your lovely, cozy day in & can't wait for us to get some!!!

  4. oh wow! I'm sure it has it's down sides at times but it sure does look pretty :).


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