Thursday, November 28, 2013

Vintage Treasure

An impromptu lunch with my sweetie had me a stones throw away from my favourite thrift store, The County's Clothesline.  I hadn't been for quite some time and thought that I would take a quick boo inside.  You never know what you might find on any given day.  This find was pretty sweet!

Here's the story.  I love gold.  I love anything that has a 70's vibe.  But most importantly,  I love dishes! Over the years I have had many sets of everyday dishes.  I think it is my love of pattern that sucks me in.  I stay away from the kitchen stores because I know that I am likely to come home with a new set of dishes that I don't need.  Rob is no help in this addiction of mine as he seems to have a thing for new dishes too.  Needless to say, many sets of dishes have been donated to charity over the years.  After all, a person only needs so many dishes, especially when you hate entertaining and cooking!  ;)  A few years back, I bought a large set of plain white Corelle and decided to keep it forever and stop this silly dish buying.

Well, when I wandered through the crockery section at the thrift store and saw a set that Kitty Forman (That 70's Show) would be proud to serve from,  I really couldn't pass them up!  I tried to keep walking but I just kept coming back to them!

Here's a close up of the pattern.

I love the mix of gold, grey and brown!  They are stoneware made in England and hand painted.  They will also mix nicely with my plain white Corelle.  It is not a full set so a mix will be fine.  I managed to get 8 dinner plates for $1.50 and 6 cereal bowls for $1.50.  I passed on the mugs as they were small and I like to use my collection of Starbuck's mugs.  I bought the sugar bowl with no lid but passed on the creamer as it seemed quite worn.  The sugar bowl cost $0.20.

Then as gold seemed to be in big supply,  I picked up this vase for $3.  I have had my eye on it the last couple of visits. I know I don't need another vase but it is gold!  ;)  And more golden treasure was to be found when I spied two glass sandwich plates for $1.50 and two onion soup bowls that are oven safe and made in Canada for $1.00.

So here is my "golden" treasure all purchased for a total of $8.70!!  Housewares were 50% off so it was an even sweeter deal than usual!

I am one step closer to yet another layer of gold in the embellishments of my home decor.  :)

In other home decor and love of the 70's news,  we are waiting on delivery of two new chairs for the living room.  Sadly, Rob broke his 13 year old Lazy Boy recliner, although it was pretty funny to watch.  ;)  Here's a peek of the fabric I chose for what will be known as, "the loud chair".

I am getting a bit nervous to see this chair in real life.  I hope my love of pattern is not about to bite me back.  LOL  But, I have a vision for the room and I think it will work.  The second chair is in a solid green, the lighter one from the "loud chair". You can see a bit of the green fabric on the left side of the photo, in the back.  On the green chair will sit a "loud pillow".  ;)   I'll keep you posted on my vision and whether it is a success.

And just so I can justify this blog as "scrappy",  look what I found while thrifting for $0.20.  Real wood and made in Canada!  Who says that all embellishments must be found at the LSS?

Bye for now.



  1. What a neat find at the thrift shop!! It is so fun seeing all of the things from the past. I have picked up a piece or two here and there when I see them. I like the dishes too. But my hubby not so much. So I am stuck with what I have. :) My set I have had since 1994. I do have a winter set that I need to dig out this weekend. I have the Winterberry set from Pfaltzgraff.

  2. I can completely see why you like those dishes so much. They are a great find ..something some of those film set stylists would give their right arm for!

  3. LOL! You are funny...but your gold are treasures. Hope to see you "loud" chair soon. You don't have to justify your blog as scrappy. I love reading all your posts.


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