Wednesday, November 20, 2013

What I'm Reading

I am trying to motivate myself to get back into reading.  Lately, knitting seems to creep in there and take over my time.  Last month, Wally Lamb's newest novel, We are Water, was released.  I love all of his writings so that put me into a full on reading tangent.  I love the way he weaves his stories and intricate characters.

Here's whats on the reading horizon.

I have just started The Valley of Amazement.  I am an Amy Tan fan from the beginning and this one is really good so far.

Hellgoing is by a Canadian author and has just won the Canadian Giller Prize.  It is a collection of short stories.

Lastly, The 19th Wife is a recommended read by Susan.

So if I can manage to put the knitting needles down a little more often, I might just get these book read in a timely manner.



  1. I read the Langani Trilogy by the Keating sisters, then the Book thief by Markus Suzak and now I am busy reading The husband's secret by Leane Moriarty. Love my Kindle.

  2. I just recently started Jodi Piccoult's Vanishing Act. Laura gave it to me awhile ago. I don't read very often. I used to read a whole lot more. But, scrapbooking has kind of taken over all of my free time. LOL

  3. I'm not familiar with any of those, but the title of The 19th wife has me intrigued.

  4. The 19th Wife has intrigued me too. I always enjoy seeing what others are reading


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