Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Behold the Loud Chair

The "loud chair" arrived yesterday.  I was a bit worried for it's arrival,  being unsure if the pattern was just too much.  But alas, as they carried it all wrapped in plastic into the house, a small flutter of excitement was felt in my stomach. (Actually that flutter may have been the touch of the flu I have been fighting the past few days.  ha)  I knew the chair was perfect for us!

And so I add yet another touch of gold and a small vibe of early 70's fabric.  This look is not for everybody, but this chair just makes me happy!  As you can see, Lady took little time giving the chair a go.  She has quickly claimed it as her spot.  By the time Rob got home from work last night, Lady was all sprawled out sleeping.  She was good enough to push to one side so the big guy could try it out.  It is "a chair and a half" in size and so they fit perfectly together in it.  Maggie is still hanging on the leather sofa with me.  Just as well as she is my slobbery dog.  There is a reason that there was not a purchase of a new sofa as well.

Here is the small occasional chair and loud pillow.  I love the sleek lines.

Yes, it is Lady approved for comfort also.  ;)

I can't say enough good things about Sofa Land.  They were amazing to deal with.  These pieces were made in B.C. Canada.  Historically we have bought from Lazy Boy but find that their quality has diminished as of late.  However, the prices have stayed high.  Sofa Land even gave us this gift as a thank you.  It's nice to be appreciated as a customer.

I'll leave you with this cute photo of Little Tom.  He looks so happy!  He is like his dad, who was always so intrigued with the large machinery, as a boy.

This time of year makes me wish I lived closer to Thomas and could enjoy his wonderment of the holiday season.  The little people in our lives always make the season special.

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  1. The loud chair is wonderful. I really like it: it takes me back, but looks fresh at the same time

  2. I love the loud chair...it looks perfect. It also looks as if Lady is comfortable where ever she finds a place to lie down.

  3. What a fun chair! LOVE the pattern and the colors!! Would love to sit in it! :)


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