Sunday, December 15, 2013

Holiday Decor

I finally got around to taking some photos of our decorations.  In celebration of Winter Solstice and the return of the light, the theme is all about nature.  I'll warn you that this is a photo heavy post.

The decorations upstairs are pretty much in the living room.  It is where we hang out most of the time.  I stuck to a red and silver palette and it goes somewhat well with the touches of gold that we have in our house.  I keep my decorations simple because if things get too cluttered, it annoys me. I like things to be functional.  Here's what we are looking at in addition to the bird tree and winter village.

My favourite decoration this year is our tree fit for Cindy- Lou Who!  It was made at the florist and is called "Jazzy Who".  The greens are cedar and much to my happiness, they are not making Rob sneeze!  Yay to having some real greens in the house!

Our tree is in the basement because our living room is quite small.  Once again it is nature themed in a red and gold palette.  Gold represents the sun!  I had many ornaments that fit this new theme.  I did add new ornaments this year... squirrels, birds, mushrooms, owls and pine cones.  It was actually good timing to change up the tree because Lisa and Steve were on the look out for ornaments for their first Christmas tree.  I was able to pass onto them a fair amount of decor.  I also insisted that the girls take all of their special ornaments from their growing up years.  It is time for them to enjoy them on their own Christmas trees in their own homes.

And one of the best "decorations" for the season.... a Starbucks Latte.

Hope your days are festive!



  1. I love your decor!! So pretty. I have seen so many white animals this season!! Foxes, squirrels, birds. It all makes me think of your Winter Solstice theme. :) Cream gold and red here at my house. I need to get photos still.

  2. That nature themed tree is so pretty! We got our "everything goes on it" tree up on Saturday, but this afternoon I have to clear all the decoration boxes away. Then I will sit back and admire!

  3. Looking good Jennifer. I love all the bird ornaments. Love the Starbucks too.

  4. simply beautiful Jennifer, I love that owl especially!!

  5. Great post! Love the hedgehog! TFS! :D


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