Sunday, December 22, 2013

Holiday Greetings

And so another Christmas is upon us.  Only a couple of sleeps before Santa makes his big trip around the world.  Rob and I seem to be getting spoiled this year with a few surprises.  Rob is known as one of the "snow angels" in our neighbourhood.  He goes out and snow blows the big dumpings of the white stuff remembering who needs the help the most.  He never expects anything in return.  But then there is a beautiful card delivered and inside a generous gift card to Starbucks from the neighbour with the shoulder injury.  Within days a beautiful gift basket  was delivered from our elderly neighbour who has just moved to a senior's home.  All the neighbourhood "snow angels" take turns keeping her property shovelled.  I am sure we will see Selma's house go up for sale in the spring.  We will miss her positive outlook on life and her little dog Rex.  But we know where her new home is now. :)

Last week Rob came home from work with a gift for me.  It was from some of the ladies that Rob works with.  It was such an unexpected surprise and look what it is!

The perfect addition to my holiday decor!  I just love this guy and have a feeling that he won't be packed away after the holidays.  I will find a spot where I can admire him year around.  I was so touched by the kindness and generosity of Rob's co-workers.  They are always so very good to me.

Then there was the card that arrived in the mail from some of our old neighbours from the condo.  It touched me that the theme of this card was that we were "friends".  These are the true "gifts" of the season that I want to remember.

I learned something very valuable this holiday season.  You can plan a "Winter Solstice" gathering almost a year in advance but that doesn't mean it will happen.  It seems that cold and flu season coincides with Winter Solstice.  Yes, my body had other plans for me this week.  Baking, cleaning, preparing appetizers and gathering with family was not in the cards.  Sleeping, sleeping and more sleeping was just about my speed.  But this is life, as imperfect as it can be at times.  Plans can always be re-adjusted.  There are lots of days in this holiday season.  I'm thinking that a gathering after Christmas with appetizers, baking and a feast of ordered in Chinese food might be in the cards.  It will still be fun and I am looking forward to it.  I'm thinking I should be in good shape for Christmas day.  Hmmm Maybe I wasn't meant to celebrate the Winter Solstice after all.

Before I leave  I want to wish all of my readers a wonderful holiday with many happy memories and great photos to scrap after the fact!

Happy Holidays to You and Yours!



  1. Oh, you have a good rest! It's been a long year for you and some peace and quiet and rest sounds like a good way to spend the holidays. Wishing you a peaceful, restful time x

  2. Jennifer, I really enjoy reading your blog. I'm so glad your "blogging break" wasn't too long. I wanted to wish you and your family un Joyeux Noël and a Happy New Year. I hope you feel better soon. Having the flu is no fun. Relaxing and taking it easy seems like the perfect Christmas to me. Give Maggie and Lady a big hug from me.


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