Saturday, December 28, 2013

Holiday Recap

So another Christmas has come and gone.  It was a quiet one and I'm fine with that.  Tomorrow it will be time to "undecorate" the house.  As much as I love to decorate for the holidays,   I always look forward to getting "stuff" put away and having my house feel more in order.

Today we had our family celebration at our house!  It was somewhat untraditional.

There were tulips.

Diane and Eric came,

Lisa and Steve too.

Grandma enjoyed the evening too.

We had delicious Chinese food.

We shared gifts for each other and someone got super excited about her sock monkey jammies!

My grand puppies were there but spent the night playing together, so I never got a photo opportunity.  The snobby Shaw dogs have little to do with those young ones.  ;)

It was a relaxing time with not too much fuss.  I am a happy mama.  :)

I'll be back soon with my Top 10 LO's for 2013 post.  It's always fun to look back on the scrappy year.



  1. It looks like it was a good celebration (and those tulips are beautiful)

  2. What a fun time! Love the tulips and I believe I saw one of the "snobby" Shaw dogs in one photo. All our kids are home (makes me so happy) but the cat has gone into hiding. Happy New Year!


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