Tuesday, December 3, 2013

One Day ~ One Photo Each Hour ~ Winter Edition

I'm at it again, posting a photo for each hour of the day.  It is a fun challenge and usually yields me some photos that I end up scrapping.  It is a terrific way to capture a bit of the everyday moments that I might not think of taking a photo of.

It was Sian who suggested doing this challenge at different times of the year.  Thanks Sian for such a great idea. :)  Here is the Winter Edition.   The one challenge I faced was trying to get a good photo once it got dark at around 5 pm!

Monday December 2, 2013

9 am ~ Morning Tea

10 am ~ Predicting 20 cm of snow... I'm staying home

11 am ~ Domestic duties call

12 pm ~ A sad frozen lunch

1 pm ~ Looking for sketch inspiration

2 pm ~ Organizing scrappy supplies

3 pm ~ My crafting buddy sleeping under my desk

4 pm ~ Rob's home and is snow blowing us out

5 pm ~ Dark already and still snowing

6 pm ~ Shepherd's pie for supper

7 pm ~ Crocheting squares for my blanket

8 pm ~ Relaxing

9 pm ~ Hanging out under "her" tree

Sometimes it's fun to have a day where you don't leave the house at all.  I even ended up getting a LO scrapped.  Yay!

I'll do my next challenge in March...  Spring Edition!  Thanks for stopping by.  :)



  1. This is SO fun! I totally have to do this one day! Once a month would be awesome!

  2. This is so cool. You have some great pics. It is looking a lot like your house right now with the way the snow is coming down. We are expected to get about 6 inches.. up to a foot maybe more in the northern part of MN is expected.

  3. Pretty winter photos (though I'm a summer person:)

  4. My inquisitive side adores this post! Wow, that's some snow you have. I'm delighted that you took up this challenge again Jen.

  5. It looks like a fabulous day. I wish we had snow days where we could just hunker down and stay put.


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