Monday, December 9, 2013

Thoughts on this Holiday Season

The holiday season is now upon us.  I am realizing how terribly behind I am this year.  Holiday cards have not even been written up yet, gifts still have to be bought and wrapped and I am promising myself to actually get into the kitchen to make a few of the girlies favourite holiday treats.  The only thing I am up to date on is decorating!

This year we are changing it up a bit.  It's all about Winter Solstice!  It just seems fitting for me to celebrate the return of light and the wonder of nature.  Nature provides me with a peace and solitude beyond words.  And so we will celebrate on December 21st, with a roast of beef dinner and frozen ice cream cake!  We will burn bees wax candles.  The decor has a nature theme and the "celebration" tree is decked out with lots of birds, animals and the colour gold to represent the sun.  But more on the decor in a later post.

This new idea comes with a couple of benefits.  Keeping it simple means enjoying the season and not stressing.  Celebrating before Christmas day allows my family to spread out the holiday season and enjoy more than just one day.  The girls will not be rushing from house to house in order to be with us as well as their boyfriend's families.  I don't mind having my family with me a few days early.  Then on the big day, the girlies can relax and actually eat Christmas dinner with their boyfriends.  It is a win win for all!  We will all be able to enjoy more time together.

No worries that Rob and I will be sitting home alone on Christmas night sobbing into our empty stockings..... there are no stocking in Winter Solstice.  ;)  We will be spending time with Rob's mom at her house.  And if we wanted to celebrate late into the night we have an open invite to go to Diane's boyfriend's parent's home.  Eric's mom is a saint and never wants anyone left out.

One of the best things about the holiday season is that there is a better chance of a new photo coming my way.  Diane set up her tree on the weekend and sent me this photo of our favourite cat, the ultimate Christmas kitty!

Yes, Mo is one happy cat now that his "friend" has been taken out of the box for another season.  He will be a busy boy "undecorating" it each day as Diane is at work.

Lisa and Steve had her office Christmas party this weekend.  I always love seeing a photo of them all dressed up.

Hoping your holiday plans are taking shape.



  1. The cat makes a great prop:) Love the picture of your "kids". Roast Beef is good:)

  2. Oh gosh...My tree isn't up yet, no gifts have been bought. I guess I will really have to force myself to hit the malls this weekend. Wish me lots of strength.


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