Saturday, December 7, 2013

What's it Going to Be?

I took a trip to the good yard store today.  It is just a place that I like to be, especially this time of year when knitter's are in high gear for the holiday season.  Today I saw a young woman buying a selection of colourful yarns to give her mother, who is a knitter, for Christmas.  Her bold colour choices were beautiful and I imagined her mother's delight when opening up this heartfelt gift.  I saw a man sitting on one of the comfy chairs entertaining his little girl while mom shopped.  The little girl was wearing a beautifully knit hat.  That is the great thing about being around knitters.  You can always look for and admire their knits in their wardrobe.  Another great thing about the yarn shop is looking at the beautiful lap blankets draped over the comfy chairs along with the knit items on display,  meant to inspire knitting projects and yarn choices.

Here's what I found today!

Finally some Baby Alpaca in a heavy weight.  Then finding this amazing washable worsted in my favourite turquoise made my day.

As always while at the cash register, the shop owner asks, "What's it going to be?"  I thought what an amazing question to be able to ask people all day long.  That is the great thing about knitting.  You take two sticks and some yarn and make it into something!  How exciting to watch people's yarn choices and then imagine the projects completed.  My answer to this question is always the same... mittens and scarves.  Makes me realize that I really need to challenge myself and expand my knitting horizons.  But then,  there is something good about the relaxing process of knitting what you know.

And for now, I continue crocheting my squares for my afghan.  After letting it sit untouched for a year and a half, it feels good to pick it up again.

This new yarn will have to wait until the new year when it is time to give the crochet hook a break.

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  1. I was thinking the same thing when I saw the pics, whether it would be mittens, scarves or hats. I love seeing all of your knitting creations.

  2. That blue really is beautiful.

    And wouldn't it just be lovely to be able to ask customers that every day? I used to feel a bit like that in the library when I stamped out the books


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