Sunday, December 1, 2013

Winter Village

The winter village is up for another season.  And in keeping things realistic, we seem to have more snow this year.  We also added a few more layers of styrofoam to make our landscape a little more hilly.

We do have one new addition this year.  It's a knitting shop!  This belonged to my mother.  She bought it a few years ago and it would sit on her coffee table.  Last year we brought it to decorate her room at the home.  I am happy that my mother's shop has joined my village.

And look, there seems to be a 50% off sale!  Yay!  ;)  I can also see that the drop in knitting circle is in full swing.

Have a great day!



  1. Aww... I love this!! Yay to having the knitting shop. So perfect. It looks great Jen!

  2. wowowowowooww this is gorgeous my boys would love to see it IRL!!

  3. Oh, wow! A knitting shop! How's right where it belongs :)


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