Friday, January 10, 2014

Friday Night Date Night

So Rob and I never claimed to have amazing date nights but, we sure do know how to spend a Friday night.  We took a trip to Target!  Little Thomas is turning four very soon and I have to get a gift in the mail pronto.  It was determined at Christmas that Auntie Jen sucks at buying boy toys.  It's true!  I had girls and have no idea what little boys like to play with.  Rob has been given the task of choosing an amazingly fun toy for Tom's big day.

This past Christmas, the family had lots of fun thanks to "Speedy Shapes".  What is "Speedy Shapes", you may ask.  It is the name of the game that I chose for Tom's Christmas gift.  I was so excited to find this educational, finely constructed game made in Europe!  Well, once I saw that Auntie Susan had chosen a fun Spiderman toy, we laughed and suspected that "Speedy Shapes" just might be tossed to the back of the tree.

So here is Tom opening Auntie Susan's gift,

and here is Tom opening Auntie Jen's gift.

Hmm, wonder which one he likes best?  LOL

We were bugging Andrew for updates on when "Speedy Shapes" would make it's big debut and become the hit of Christmas after all.  Well, after two days we got a message saying that "Speedy Shapes" was finally getting the respect it deserved.

Here's the game set up.  It's looking good!

Then there was this.  :(

I thought Rob was going to fall off his chair laughing.  Yes, Auntie Jen does not understand what little boys find exciting.  Apparently it is not "Speedy Shapes".  This was not the happy Christmas look I was going for.

Alas, "Speedy Shapes" was conquered!

In my defence, I worked in Kindergarten for a few years and tend to go for toys with a learning value.  "Speedy Shapes" is great for building math skills and I will be giving myself a pat on the back when Tom is rocking the math world.  LOL  Also, Tom's parents appreciate any gift we choose and "Speedy Shapes" sure gave us some much needed laughs this past Christmas.

So, back to the birthday gift selection.  Uncle Rob was in charge.  He did have an unfair advantage though.  He and Andrew text each other, so he got some help that I didn't get while choosing "Speedy Shapes".  ;)   Rob made some choices and wanted to send Andrew a photo.  It was my job to hold the selections and wear a mask because I'm just cool that way.  ;)

Then Andrew requested a photo of Rob in the mask.  Well, Rob has been a Captain America fan since he was a little one running around his neighbourhood with a pink floral bath towel for a cape and rolled down billy boots.  Need I say more.

Andrew decided that Rob looked like a washed up wrestler.  Very true.

In the end, selections were made.  I learned the difference between The Justice League and The Avengers.   I always thought they were all just super heros.  And that is how you have a really exciting Friday night date night at Target.

For the record, I added some clothes to Tom's birthday package but they aren't even going to be wrapped as a gift.  Apparently, getting clothes as gifts when you are a little boy, pretty much ranks up there with getting educational games.  Who knew?  Little girls love getting clothes!  LOL



  1. What a fun post. I had two boys and now five grandsons. I have buying gifts down to an art. I still enjoy buying girly stuff for little Leane. These days they have so much toys that I prefer buying them all books.

  2. Oh this is TOO FUNNY!! LOL!!!! I LOVE the pics! You have to scrap those, Jen!!! With Ben, anything legos and Star Wars. Ben loves books and always has. I bought him some toy tools that he had wanted in the fall on one such Target trip. Him opening them... it was like Thomas and the speedy shapes. LOL Ben in reality, doesn't have a ton of toys. He is accumulating a lot of legos though. He puts the smaller few hundred piece sets together. But the large ones, he wants help with.

  3. Very funny! and Captain America is brilliant - with one very fine moustache may I say? He doesn't need anyone to knit one..

    Boy toys are definitely harder than girls I think..and they don't get any easier to buy for the older they get either. It'll be Little E's birthday soon and I'll have to get thinking


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