Sunday, January 19, 2014

Hats, Hats, Hats

So the knitting needles are still clicking away as I continue on my latest tangent of knitting hats.  I've a few more to share.

This yarn was so much fun to work with as it knits up in such an intricate design.

These next two use a new pattern that Susan found.  I love the ribbing in them and they look like they will be a really warm hat.

This last one is just ready for the decrease before it is off the needles.

I am keeping true to my equal hats knit up for the boys, this time round.  I am actually enjoying the masculine colours and even find myself really looking at colour combinations as we watch football.

Have a terrific Sunday!  We are watching the Manning vs. Brady game although I'm not really sure what the importance is.   I'll actually just be knitting and keeping Rob company. ;)



  1. lol! I like the idea of watching sport to pick up new colour combinations. The hats are looking very good

  2. Hi dear Jen!!! What a long time my friend!!! Happy New Year!!!! What fabulous hats you´ve been knitting!!! I´ve been out from scrapbook but knitting and crocheting a lot.On my facebook you can see all my latest sweaters LOL!!
    Big Hug!!!

  3. Love all of your hats. I can't craft and watch football, I'm to busy telling them what to do! I scared my cats to death on the last SF interception lol

  4. Your hats look awesome. A wonderful way to spend the winter.


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