Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Old & New

I have just completed the largest purge of scrappy goods ever.  I was ruthless.  If I didn't love it, it was outta here!  As much as it feels terrific to downsize the stash, it also comes with a sense of guilt.  Guilt that I have wasted money buying stuff that I never used.  However, I enjoy giving to charity.  The fact that I can donate supplies and give someone else the joy of using them, makes me happy.

Here's the pile of "stuff".  Items on the bench will go to my favourite thrift shop who supports my community very well.  The boxes on the floor contain lots of scraps,  half used sticker sheets and embellishment odds and ends perfect for crafting.  This will all go to my local Boys and Girls Club.

Here's what I learned!

- I am so over bottle cap embellishments, 4" wooden doily veneers, loud SassaFrass Lass papers circa 2008 and most things vintage.

- I am still loving everything Studio Calico, most things BG and all buttons and brads.

- It is essential to use products soon after purchase while I am still loving them.  Crafting with products that no longer inspire me,  leaves me sadly uninspired.

- Items from the sale bin that I think I can figure out a use for eventually will ultimately end up being donated.  Unless I have a clear plan and will use it very soon, I need to leave it in the sale bin for someone else.

- For me, collections are the bomb with very little waste and leftovers.

Now onto the "New" part of this post.  It is that time of year again.... Winter CHA.  It is my favourite CHA.  It's the time of year where I feverishly look for all of the sneak peeks and reveals.  Then I try to convince myself that there really isn't anything significantly new out there.  At this point it is only window shopping.  After all, this stuff won't be hitting the shelves until spring.

If there is one thing I learned from my failed No Buy Challenge of 2013, it is that if you don't rush out and buy it all right away, you will likely find most of it on sale at about 40% off six months down the road.  I really didn't scrap that much last year and I bought much less than usual.  I have lots of last winter's products waiting to be used.  I will try to be shopping savvy this year and wait for clearance but we'll see how well I do when I see these goodies IRL.  ;)

Here's what has caught my eye!

Studio Calico yumminess!  "Wanderlust" and "Lemon Lush"

BG goodness!  "Mon Ami" and "Capture"

Dear Lizzy's "Day Dreamer"

Amazing vellum from Doodle Bug.

These fun epoxy stickers from Doodle Bug.

Last year I seemed to love every thing that Miss Fancy Pants revealed.  So far only "As You Wish" interested me.  These colours remind me of that old Crate line "Random"  Loved that line!

If I could only choose one collection this time round , hands down it would be Pink Paislee's "SwitchBoard"!  Love this one! It is a must have,  as soon as I see it,  can't wait for clearance,  because my life will be ruined,  if I can't scrap with this entire collection.  Ha Ha!

So what are you spying?



  1. I am loving the sneaks by MME and Theresa Collins...I also love the look of the Jellibean Soup lines. With me being on the DT for Scrapbook Generation's new Create magazine and the benefits that go with that...I might just end up clearing out the old soon.

  2. I too need a major purge!!! Love a lot of your picks for product :) Can't wait to see you play with some of these new lines :)

  3. I love what BG is putting out this year, and I definitely have to have those two SC lines!!

  4. Good for you. I'm still enjoying my BG Black Dress pieces you sent me:) I'm with you on old items leaving you sadly uninspired and clearance items.

  5. I always enjoy your "picks" posts. This is the time of year I started scrapbooking, and I can remember going out to our little craft shop just after Christmas to try to find some supplies. It makes me smile now to think of it as I look round my collection. So, yes, a purge would probably be a good idea here too.

  6. ps my word verification was "rest" and "nopart" - take a break and don't give any more stuff away !! :)

  7. I just decided to NOT purge anything today. My HUGE LSS recently announced they were going out of business. I use to think, I'll wait to buy because there will always be something new coming along. I'm afraid less and less new products and designs will come out. The recent down turn in our hobby popularity is sad to me. I'm also upset to not have a handy place to buy in person. I will miss seeing the new lines come in every month!


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