Monday, February 3, 2014


This afternoon I weaved in the last ends on my afghan and can officially declare this project done.   Here it is.

And a close up.

It is the perfect size to hang on the back of a sofa ready for snuggling under while watching T.V.  It's new home is in the basement but I took the photo upstairs for better light.

So if you look closely enough you may have noticed that in the end I did end up with two cream coloured squared together.  Urghhh!  I only noticed while doing my last bit of joining.  I could have gone back and moved things around but decided to leave it as is.  It is a good reminder that this was a learning project.  Trust me, if you look close enough there are plenty of little mistakes.  But as Susan says, in the end it all meshes together and looks fine.  I am also not thrilled that my border colour is the same colour as some of my squares.  The border got lost when a cream coloured square was on the outside edge. Oh well.  I will take the things I learned from this one and apply them to the next.

This afghan is going to Lisa.  She loves vibrant colours and will surely love this combination.

I may or may not add in two more colours for a total of eight.

Each square will be bordered with white so that when I join this one, there will be no stitches showing.

I have also already planned out its size of 11 squares x 8 squares.  These squares will be one round larger than the last project so that joining will go a little quicker.  Oh and yes, I will be making an official chart with the colour placement plan so that I don't get stuck with two colours together.  As with anything, there is always a learning curve.  Although my afghan wouldn't be winning any prizes at the county fair,  I have always wanted to make an afghan and feel really happy when I look at what I accomplished, little boo boo's and all.  ;)

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  1. goodness Jennifer this Is one gorgeous piece of art!! I love it and it looks beautiful laying there displayed on that bed!!!.....lovin the new blog name btw, suits you!

  2. Oh Jen, this looks just wonderful!!! I love it. I think it turned out beautifully. Do fret too much over your mistakes. Nothing is perfect. ;) It's a great learning experience. And when reading this, it made me think of this one artist (I can't remember their name) who purposely had a few minor flaws in their work. You know where your mistakes are, but everyone else doesn't necessarily see them. I can't wait to see how Lisa's afghan looks.

  3. Well given that my learning curve has me today starting my very first crochet stitches, I'm in awe of this project! Honestly, I think it's designed to be seen as a whole and any little thing you might change next time round wouldn't be noticed by a passer by at all. I think it's beautiful


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