Monday, February 24, 2014

When Did the Sizzle Fizzle?

Anyone who has been following my blog in the past year knows that I have been struggling with this scrappy passion of ours.  I started scrapping in 1999 and since discovering the amazing world of sketches in 2009 was scrapping hardcore.  For the past five years scrapping has been the crafty priority.    I felt so passionate about this creative outlet and yes, would sometimes even lose sleep to planning my next LO.  ha ha  However, slowly over the past year my thrill of scrapping has been fading.  Scrapping is leaving me feeling flat.  :(   It is always like this for me regarding my crafty interests.  My interest will shift.  It is no surprise to say that knitting seems to be taking over.

So I have made the decision to give scrapbooking a break.  I have packed up all of my supplies neatly away in the large closet in my studio.  I am not getting rid of anything.  Who knows, maybe down the road I will feel that thrill again.  If not, I am well stocked for crafty time with future grandchildren.  LOL  I fought hard with the idea of whether to continue blogging but in the end have decided that since my blog would have no scrappy content, it was time to stop.

So what will I be doing now?  Well, the studio is slowly turning into a knitting room.  Knitting supplies are front and center!  I am hoping to expand my knitting horizons and knowledge.  I really want to spend some time finishing up some cross-stitch projects.  My eyes aren't getting any younger and so stitching must be done in small time slots before the headache kicks in.  ;(  I plan on continuing making granny square afghans.  They are a fun project to have on the go and easy to just work on a square here and there.  Lastly, I really want to get back into reading.  I have so many books just waiting to be discovered.  In some small corner of my mind there is the thought of watercolour painting.  It has been there for many years.  But considering that I have trouble drawing a stick figure, this may not be a viable future endeavour.  ;)

I am happy to say that I will continue to take photographs.  I love taking pictures and documenting the everyday.  I will just be displaying them in a simpler way.... just a regular photo album with dates and a few lines of journaling what I want to remember.

Thank you to my readers for making this journey such a fun one.  May your scrappy passion burn bright for many years to come!  :)

And.... just because I hate a post without a photo,  I'll leave you with this shot of two of my favourite little people in this world.  They came for a visit this past weekend and we had a candy party!

Bye Bye.



  1. Feb. 24th, 2014

    Hello Jennifer, I am very sorry to learn that you are giving up scrap booking, but at the same time I do understand. I will miss looking into your Blog Spot of Tangent. I at times had the same feeling but then I still want to keep up with my granddaughter Justine being only 7 years of age as I did with her two brothers until Oliver now 18 years old until his graduation from High School and now is in University. Wesley being 16 years of age I still keep up with his activities until he finishes High School. Of course they are all in family photos I take of all the family. Well Jen happy knitting, crocheting, reading and finishing cross-stitching products.

  2. Your layouts will be missed Jennifer! I hope you enjoy your break and have fun spending time doing other activities!!

  3. you will be missed but I completely understand where you are coming from....

  4. Oh my, I am going to miss you very much my friend. Enjoy your break, knit to your hearts content and read all you want. Remember we will still be here when you feel the need to write about your life. xxx

  5. Wow I'm going to miss your layouts and fun insights I've found on this blog. You girl could embellish like no other. I've also loved your non scrapbook posts.

    I totally understand how your mojo for this fun hobby has waned. About 3 years ago I too started on my downward spiral from my love of scapbooking. I went almost every Friday night to the LSS to crop with scrap friends. We had a wonderful time, eating, scrapping, shopping, sharing memories and laughing together. We lost some members and then we had a member who just was way to much personality and kind of put us all at odds. We decided a break from her and the weekly outings. I had a rough patch personality and wanted no conflict. We went from weekly to biweekly to monthly. When we wanted start up again our LSS stopped holding weekly crops. But something happened to me too. I didn't really care all that much if we went again a lot or a little. When we did get one scheduled I almost dreaded it. I didn't want to sort and print pictures, pack my stuff and get ready to go. I wasn't very creative when I got there either. I still, 2 years later, just don't "feel" it like I use to either. It's like the thrill of the new, the fun, and the major excitement is just gone. I still take photos, and have lots of years left to document my kids lives. I almost feel like it's drudgery to do the whole thing. I'll chug along just for them but at home and in my own slow pace.

    BTW- Scrapbooking is not my only hobby to have falling out of favor with me. I was an avid card maker for 5 years and that took a noise dive too. Now I'm left with a million stamps, tons of ink pads and lots of card stock. My love affair with that didn't last nearly as long either. I'm saving them for a rainy day. My cards and stamps will still be there in when I feel the itch again.

    So Jennifer, I completely get it. I always laughed when people blamed scrapbook dying on the economy! Ha, how about complete overwhelm, or boredom, or just total lack of interest!

    Good luck with your new interests and maybe you'll even post here again soon. I'll keep checking every once in a while just in case! I have yet to tire of my internet hobby :)

  6. Wow, what a change. I hope that you enjoy your break and find sizzle elsewhere. Bless you, I'll miss seeing your lovely work.

  7. I just saw this ... That's a big decision !!!! I always love your work !! Enjoy knitting and I'm sure after a break some paper and pop dots will be calling your name xx

  8. Oh Jennifer I'm really going to miss you! your layouts, your stories, your photos .... what a sad decision :(. I've been trying to log in to your blog the last couple of weeks, but my computer wouldn't let me (said I had no rights or needed a pass word). I'm really really going to miss you! But as this is not about me I'm going to wish you a whole lot of luck with your new hobby and in the meantime I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the scrapbooking bug will bite you again soon!!! Please don't be a stranger! Big hug!!

  9. Oh, no! So sad to read this post, Jennifer! I hope your scrappy passion will be rekindled some day! And you know the door to CSI will be wide open for you! Wishing you joy in your current hobby and in life. xoxo


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