Friday, September 19, 2014

A Reading Challenge and Happy Yarn Scraps

I have issued myself a reading challenge.  I needed something to motivate myself to get back to spending some time with my nose in a book.  Hopefully, this will do the trick.  In Canada, the Giller Prize is a pretty big deal for Canadian authors.  The long list was announced last week.  After studying the list, I have chosen five novels that interest me.  I have challenged myself to read these books before the finalist is announced in November.

Maybe one of my choices will be the final winner.  At the very least, hopefully this will jumpstart my reading and get me reading through the growing collection of books on my shelves.  I am half way through "Watch How We Walk" by Jennifer LoveGrove and I am having a hard time putting it down.  I'll keep you updated on my progress through this personal challenge.

In my knitting world, this is what happy yarn scraps looks like.

Left over yarn from two separate pairs of mittens makes a great colour combination for another hat for charity.

I'll leave you with recent photos of my girlies.  Maggie never passes up a pile of cushions to cuddle into.

And, Lady takes over yet another throw blanket.  Ha ha!

Have a great weekend.  I'm hoping to get some scrapping in.



  1. Reading and knitting: two perfect ways to spend some weekend time. And if you manage to get some scrapping in? It doesn't get any better

  2. My favorites too: scrapping, reading and knitting (and travelling too). Sounds like a fabulous weekend to me! Great idea to choose 5 books from the long list!! Will you tell us about the winner in November?? Very curious if you picked a winner :).
    Your doggies look super cute!

  3. Oh I like reading challenges too, and keep my eyes on mystery novel awards lists. I hope you really like those you have chosen. And this reminds me that I need to get back to the 12 books from the Bas Bleu list - I am a couple of months behind. Happy reading!


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