Friday, October 24, 2014

Around the House

I love me a Ryan Gosling meme.  When I came across this one I had a chuckle.  It is always situations that we can identify with that make us laugh the most.

I am often guilty of leaving my crafty stuff laying around the house.  Here's what can be found on any given day.

Two sets of fingerless mittens for Lisa sit on the coffee table in the living room.   It is the one item that she lets me knit for her each year.  They still need to be sewn up.  I have decided that if I put them in a yarn bowl, they serve as decor.  LOL

A pair of mittens in progress sit on the end of the sofa.

Maggie decides that they make the perfect head rest until I notice and snatch them away.

A tiny pile of memorabilia being collected for my art journal sits on the kitchen counter.  Family members have been educated that random piles such as these are not to be confused with garbage and disposed of.  This is art supplies and inspiration!

A quick trip to the basement is always a guarantee of finding a craft mess.  Why? Because this is where the scrap room is!  My desk usually looks something like this.  Yikes!  I really need to get back to that LO that I started two weeks ago.

Then there is Susan's desk too.  She usually has a project on the go too ready to work on if we decide to scrap on Crafty Tuesday and give our knitting needles a rest.

When I look at these little messes I feel happy.  I see many creative outlets.  I feel inspired.  I imagine hours of crafty fun to be had.  These "messes" make my house feel like my home.  

Hope you spend some time today creating some little messes. :)



  1. I was just thinking yesterday about my old boss who used to say "a tidy desk shows a tidy mind". I didn't believe her then and I still don't believe it today. Creative messes and little piles of projects make me happy too. My house looks like yours (even down to the colour of the wool at the end of the sofa)

  2. No creating messes. Cleaning.. Lots of vacuuming to be had here. Haven't been around much the last few days. Unfortunately, the dogs have been busy dropping their tufts. Ugh!!! The dog hair!! Today was put the kids to work day. My neighbor is coming over and I get to babysit her two week old little boy. :) She is heading out for a few hours to a birthday party for someone in the neighborhood. Though, I like creative messes too. :)


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