Thursday, October 23, 2014

My Pyrex Wish List

When I was little, I remember being so excited every year when the Sears Wish Book catalogue came in the mail.  It always had a beautiful illustration on the front cover which usually included Santa Claus.  It was page after page of Christmas gift ideas and the toy section was huge.  I would look through each page carefully deciding what I would ask Santa to bring me that year.  Looking back, it was lucky for me that my mother always ordered our toys out of this book and had them delivered to our apartment.  Santa never let me down.

There is something exciting about having a wish list even as an adult.  You know that old saying about it being better to love what you have rather than have what you love.  It is the joy of thinking that one day you might actually have your wish fulfilled.  Loving vintage Pyrex is great for the wish list experience.  It isn't like you can just go out and buy what you love at the store.  You have to hope to find it one day while thrifting or even be lucky enough to find it on eBay and then pay the huge price.

Here's what's on my Pyrex wish list.

Above and beyond all wishes is the Butterfly Gold lasagna pan.  These pans are hard to come by and when you do they cost a fortune.  I wonder if they didn't produce as many back in the day.  Maybe people used them so much that they just wore out.  I actually make lasagna so this pan would be beautiful and useful.

The Pyrex refrigerator sets are something else.  There is just something about these tiny containers that have so many possibilities.  Again they are hard to come by.  You might find the odd one without a lid and even then they are pricey.  The Butterfly Gold set is beautiful!

Susan and I always joke that if we came upon a set while out thrifting together, the fight would be on.  LOL

The last thing that I dream of is the Pyrex bowl set from the 1940's in primary colours.  They go for about $75 a set.  Someone paid over $400 for a set that was brand new in it's original packaging! Although I love pattern and these bowls are solid, there is something so striking about the set.

I can see my Granny White in her kitchen baking up a storm.  This is just a dream as I don't know that she ever owned this set.  She was an amazing cook and baker.  Her shortbread was the best!  I love this photo of her sitting in her kitchen sometime in the 1950's.   I especially love the hand beaters mounted on the wall.  That cute little Boston Terrier in the bottom left hand corner is my father's dog, Tipper.

Granny Taylor must have had the pink set that was so popular in the 1950's.  The reason I think this is because Susan has the large pink bowl that was Granny's.  Maybe it was the only one left of the set.  Here's Granny Taylor in her kitchen on Easter Sunday of 1975.  She would be pulling the ham out of the oven.  How was she so calmly doing that with three grandkids running around her?  LOL  I loved Granny's kitchen and can remember it in vivid detail.

Well it looks like my love of vintage Pyrex has brought be back to kitchens of days gone by.  It's fun to remember.  It is also fun to wish.  I'm wishing for that piece of Pyrex at the end of the rainbow.  :)



  1. Oh my gosh, you have some neat photos and memories of years past. How wonder it is that this hunt for pyrex has been to bring back such fond memories.

  2. Wow, what an interesting post, I had NO idea pyrex like this was wished for an hard to find or sought after! I like it to but never thought of hunting for it, but last summer at a garage sale I got one of those little pyrex rectangles with a lid in gold pattern like you showed in one of your photographs for 25 cents!!!! Now I feel like I hit pay dirt, I bet it is worth a bunch more then I can't wait for garage sale weather again, cuz I will be on the hunt! lol! Thanks for the memories and the fun facts!

  3. These photos are so wonderful. What a great post!

    I'm in complete agreement with you - it's fun to look back and it's fun to have a little something to look forward to too.

  4. I knew I had to come back to this post today. We have a new antique shop here in Northern BC and I saw the set of 4 Pyrex bowls you have on your wish list for $45. At the time I did not know if that was a deal or not but now see that I should go back on Monday for them. They also had some other great pieces, cups and containers with lids. Mostly the Gold Harvest or something like that. Anyhow, I had fun today talking to my friend about your quest while we were admiring the pieces.

    1. Hi Melinda, $45 sounds like the deal of a century for an antique shop price. There were two different venders both selling the set for $75. Go and get them.... hurry! ;)


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