Thursday, October 16, 2014

Reading Challenge Update

Last month I decided to give myself a reading challenge.  I chose 5 books that were on the Giller Prize long list of 12 books, to read.  You can read about it here.

 So far I have read three of the five books.  Here's a quick review.

"Watch How We Walk" was a great book.  My favourite of the three so far.  It had me wanting to read more to find out what happened.  I loved how the narration changed back and forth between the main character as a child and then as the main character as a young adult.

"All My Puny Sorrows" was not greatly enjoyed by me.  I found that I really didn't like many of the characters in the book.  I found it dragged in the middle.  It was also full of poetry.  I think this book would be great for someone who reads a book looking for themes and deeper meanings along the way.  I'm sure it could be studied line by line for it's depth but I just like to read a book on a more surface level to find out what happens and be entertained.  I'm not interested in writing an essay on it. I had enough of that in my college days.  LOL

"Tell" was enjoyable.  It takes place after the First World War.  I always gravitate to books of this time period.  I like hearing what life was like then.  It did have lots of the everyday ordinary life stuff but also had a really strong ending.  I loved that it was set in the winter and described our Canadian winter so perfectly.

As for the Giller Prize of 2014, the short list of 6 books has been announced.  I am thrilled that 3 of the 5 books that I originally chose are still in the running for the award,  "All My Puny Sorrows", "Tell" and "The Girl Who Was Saturday Night".

I still have 2 books to read before the winner is announced on November 10.

But for now I am taking a bit of a literature breather and reading this!

I rarely read mysteries but got caught up in the movie hype and some good book reviews from friends.  So far I am really enjoying it.

I'll be back later with my final book reviews as well as the Giller Prize winner.



  1. I love a good crime novel that keeps me guessing to the last page. I read three books while on vacation this past few weeks. The little old lady that broke all the rules, The Goldfinch and The collected works of AJ Fikry. The Goldfinch was a grueling 874 page book with a good story line that could have been told in 400 pages or less...and I loved the Collected works of AJ Fikry.

  2. I think I might enjoy Tell as well, and of course, Gone Girl is on my list. You've done well with 3 out of 5, wishing you lots of time for continued reading!!


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