Friday, October 31, 2014

Spooky Spooky Spooky

Okay, so it isn't too spooky over at my place on Halloween.  I like to keep it on the gentler side as not to scare the little ones.  I do admire some of the really spooky houses that have been set up in my neighbourhood though.  The pre-teens always seem to get a charge out of that.

I ran down to Target today to stock up on some extra chocolate.  I have to wait until the last minute to do this as if I have it in the house earlier it tends to call my name to come and eat it up.  But hey, if you buy it today it is 30% off and I do love a deal.

On my travels I spied a few good costumes and particularly enjoyed the little ones dressed up.  While in line paying for my chocolate I saw a sweet little girl with her Mom, in line behind me.  Mom was a jail bird and the little one was Minnie Mouse, I think.  They were buying pumpkin pails.  After I paid for my goodies, I asked the mother if I could put some treats in their buckets.  Well, this little girl was so excited and it made me remember the excitement of Halloween when you are little.  The costumes, the anticipation of waiting for dark, the fun of seeing all of those jack 'o' lanterns lit up and the best part, walking up to most doors in the neighbourhood and getting candy.  We could even go to our local candy store, "Chalmer's", and Mrs. Chalmers, an elderly lady who lived above the store , would give us treat bags.  Does it get any better?  It was all over for another year in about two hours time but wow it was fun.  I try to remember this as I jump up to answer the door, yet again.  I think I will give out candy until I am too old to make it to the door.  ha ha

I think we are ready for the big night.  The lawn decor is up and moving.  Not too scary except for the claws on that black cat.  Last year we had little ones walking right up to it and it made me think of how big it must look to a three year old.

The pumpkin is ready to be plugged in.  I know... slacker!

Frankenstein is on the front door ready to greet trick or treaters!

In keeping with the Frankenstein theme we have some goodie bags with his face on them.

We also have some Halloween toys.  I think the kids might enjoy a treat that is not a sweet.  Although, Lisa and Steve have insisted that I have made a huge mistake with this purchase and that kids only want candy.  I beg to differ.  ;)

And a big bowl of chocolate bars.

The older visitors will like these best.  Yes, I give to anyone who comes to my door with a costume.  If you are 17 years old, I don't judge and just celebrate that you are celebrating Halloween instead of drinking in the park.  I know this may come after the candy collection but I like to think not.  ;)  A somewhat innocent view from someone who was married to a mountie for 26 years of their marriage.  LOL

I'll leave you with a photo of Thomas in costume.  Too cute!!  I only wish he lived in my neighbourhood and not across the other side of Canada.  :(

Wishing you all a spooktacular Halloween with lots of treats and not too many tricks!

Happy Halloween!


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  1. Over here Trick or Treat is a relatively new idea. We didn't do it when we were little. But This year I was definitely ready! We've had more and more callers in the last few years and like you I just love to see the little ones dressed up and their wide eyes when they are offered some treats. Great fun.


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