Monday, October 6, 2014

That 70's Tangent ~ The Corelle Vortex

I've been on a major tangent as of late ... stuck in a Corelle searching vortex.  I think I am slowly being spit out and it's a good thing because nothing else has been getting done around here.  No scrapping, knitting or cleaning.  Minimal laundry and just a pinch of reading.  So how do I get myself onto these tangents?

It all started a few weeks ago when I was thrifting with Susan.  I came upon 3 Corelle bowls in the "Butterfly Gold" pattern.  I bought them as they are so 70's and would go great with all of the gold in my house.  Susan has a set that she bought back in 1983.  She loves hers.  I told Susan that I would like to collect a set of 4 to use as everyday dishes.

That led me to eBay.  I was thrilled to find this setting of 4, unused and in their original box.  Because I am an impatient tangent-y kind of person, I bought them.  It was a splurge due to shipping cost and customs fees to Canada.

They came in perfect condition and I have to say that it was quite exciting to open up the packaging complete with a flyer advertising the other patterns in the line available.

Meanwhile, I had been researching Corelle of the 1970's and came upon these photos on Etsy showing the beautiful mix of some of the oldest patterns.

This is when I started thrifting big time!  I was shocked at how easy it was to find these old Corelle dishes locally.  This is when the Butterfly Gold collection started morphing into much more.  I loved the look of the mixed patterns and loved the idea of being able to set an eclectic table.

Take a peek at the 70's goodness I see when I look in my dishes cupboard!

Here's a closer look at the patterns I am collecting.

Butterfly Gold (introduced in 1970)

Old Town Blue (introduced in 1972)

Spring Blossom also known as Crazy Daisy (introduced in 1970)

Snowflake Blue (introduced in 1970)

Woodland Brown (introduced in 1978)

This pattern seems to be the hardest to find.  Susan gifted me with 2 dinner plates and I was thrilled!

When I see this mix of dinner plate patterns... it makes me happy!

So how much thrifting have I been doing?  Well lots.  Some days it was 5 different shops.  It is important to go back often as they are always putting new stuff out and it is all about being in the right place at the right time.  The collection is at a good level now although there are some specific pieces and patterns that I am looking for.  I'm happy about that because it will make future thrifting more exciting when I am on the hunt for something specific.  Since we all know that Corelle pretty much lasts forever, I think I am set for dishes for my entire remaining life span.  I plan on keeping that 70's vibe alive and well in my home for years to come!

Here's a few things that I learned while thrifting.

* Even the yuckiest looking old Corelle dish can look beautiful when you use Barkeeper's Friend.  This stuff has been around since 1882 and it is no wonder.  It is a miracle worker.  It takes off all those yucky silver utensil marks and much more.  I found mine at Bed Bath & Beyond for $4.

* Daily scrubbing of yucky dishes leads to dishpan hands.  ;)

* Goodwill was my best bet for finding the Corelle I was after.  They sell everything by piece so it made it easy to just take what I was looking for.

* Value Village was a close second for finds but they sell by the set.  I was lucky to find a set of 29 pieces of Butterfly Gold for $26.  On the down side, I came upon the hook handle mugs in the Old Town Blue that I am after but had to pass them up as they were being sold in a set for $35.

* Never chat with other shoppers while thrifting.  It is time to focus.  I lost out on some bowls I was after when I got chatting about how great Corelle is to another shopper.  I guess I sold her since she decided to take the lot of bowls that I was just about to take 2 from.  Oh well, all's fair game while thrifting.

* Have no regrets.... although I am still sad that I passed up a set of Crazy Daisy mugs early on when at that point I wasn't going to include the mugs in my collection.  Oh well, I'll find them yet.

* Even though some family members who will go unnamed will say that they are forced to eat off of old yucky 1970's dishes, these babies are perfectly sanitized by the time I get through with them.

* Chatting with thrift store cashiers about the age and worth of some Corelle dishes can lead onlookers to exclaim, "I had no idea!".  Apparently it is uncool to ask this person if they own these dishes and would be interested in selling them to me.  The response, "No,  I eat off of those dishes every night."  LOL

I hope I have inspired someone out in blog land to think about the beautiful kitchenware that can be found at thrift stores.  There is something very satisfying about finding goods that are no longer in production. Often they are better made.  It is an affordable hobby and green too.  What a great feeling to give something old a new life.  What are you waiting for?  Get thrifting!  :)



  1. Reading and enjoying this post makes me think..there could be a book in this! Honestly, I think you could turn your hunt into a great book.

    Those patterns do look very good together. You;ve got me wanting to start looking now too

  2. Those dishes look amazing! And I now have a new appreciation for my Butterfly Gold dishes that we've been using the past 29 years. LOL

  3. I'm having almost as much fun as you are with your collection. I had never seen that Woodland Brown pattern. And that shot of the Bon Ami reminds me I need to spruce up some of my pottery and get rid of utensil marks. Doesn't sound as fun as hunting down patterned pieces, though.

  4. *oops, technically that was Barkeepers Friend, wasn't it?

  5. I've been searching corelle patterns as well and was surprised to not be able to find a complete photo index of their pattern through the years. Strange.
    Here's another great resource for you:

  6. I've been searching corelle patterns as well and was surprised to not be able to find a complete photo index of their pattern through the years. Strange.
    Here's another great resource for you:


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