Wednesday, October 29, 2014

That 70's Tangent ~ Fire-King

So my thrifting days continue.  I'm still on the hunt to replace some of my old kitchenware with even older kitchenware.  LOL  The vintage stuff is so much more interesting!  At the rate I am going, some of my new kitchen stuff is going to be donated to charity to free up some room for the old stuff.  I know, it sounds weird.

As far as glass kitchenware, Pyrex is still my number one.  The quality is top notch and the colours and patterns are the best.  So where does Fire-king fit into this? Well, it isn't Pyrex but it still does have its merits.  Some of the patterns are very lovely, almost Pyrex like and could even be easily confused as being Pyrex.  But, if you look really closely, the milk glass isn't as white and the patterns look like they almost might wear off.  It just isn't the same quality as Pyrex.  The plus side to Fire-King is it's price and availability.  Finding Pyrex items other than bowls and casserole sets are near impossible around here.   What about baking dishes?  To order these Pyrex items on eBay or Etsy gets very pricey.  No worries,  there seems to be plenty of Fire-King in the thrift store and it is cheap.  Here's what I found.

This loaf pan was thrifted at Salvation Army for $5!

I love the detail in its pattern not to mention the colours.  It is called "Meadow Green" and was released in 1967.

My next find was this 8"x8" square baking pan.  Perfect for making squares!

I found it at The Goodwill for $4!  Its pattern is called "Candle Glow" and it too was released in 1967.  It was available until 1972.

These two additions look pretty cute in my kitchen cupboard.  

Although Fire-King is not my number one favourite here are some other Fire-King items that are really quite striking and I would be snapping up given the chance.

Love these tulips!

Simple but striking.

Yum... turquoise!



  1. I found some fire king when I was at the antique store last Friday as well. It has a very colorful fruit pattern on it. This is one thing I have never had a lot of is bakeware/casserole dishes.

  2. I've learned something new! Though that top pattern looks very like one my Mum had in blue which was a wedding present in 1965. I might do some googling..

    Please keep collecting and posting. I love these posts


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