Tuesday, October 14, 2014

That 70's Tangent ~ Mushrooms

Susan and I got together today for some crafty time.  We got a bit of knitting done, met Rob for lunch at a sandwich shop and got some thrifting in.  We love looking for treasure.  You just never know what you might find.  Today was a jackpot day for me in my quest for finding a few signature 70's pieces for the kitchen.

Some of you may remember that the 70's kitchen decor was all about ... mushrooms!  Mushrooms decorated everything from tea towels to salt and pepper shakers.  What really screamed 1970's was a set of mushroom canisters.  You can imagine my delight when I can upon this!

I am assuming that it was one of many back in the day.  Looks like the size that may have held tea bags many years ago.  It appears to have been made in a ceramics class by "Shirley".  Ceramic making was a very popular hobby back then.

I paid a whopping $1.50 for it.  Heck I would have paid $10!

Susan suggested using it to hold dog treats.  What a great idea to make this little beauty functional too.  Maybe with the dog treats up on the counter I will be more inclined to offer them to the pups more often.  Since Gus passed, dog treat time is minimal.  You see, it was Gussy's job to stand at (or in) the pantry to remind me that a doggie cookie would be greatly appreciated.  haha

It wouldn't seem like a 70's post without the mention of Pyrex.  LOL  I am happy to report that Diane has expressed an interest in owning a good set of glass bowls.  I was quick to suggest that I look for a thrifted set.  She loves the idea of a mismatched eclectic set and so I have a new reason to hunt for Pyrex.  Yay!



  1. Hunting for pyrex for other people? Now that's a good idea. You could have a whole new career as a Pyrex hunter

    I love the thought that Shirley's mushroom has a whole new lease of life with you

  2. Ok, I was just so excited to see your mushroom canister, I had to quick take a photo and send you an email. I have a set of three. My mother and grandmother took ceramic classes back in the mid 70's together. My father and grandfather would take turns taking them and picking them up, as neither of them drove at the time. (My mother didn't get her license until I was 13. Grandma never learned to drive). My grandma made those canisters and the coordinating napkin holder in ceramics class. Those, her cow cookie jar, and a partial set of her wine glasses she got as a wedding gift are all I have of my grandmother's. I remember those canisters sitting on her counter for years. The canisters sit on the cabinet above the fridge and the cabinet next to that now. I don't use them. I don't want to accidentally have them broke from the kids digging in them.


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