Wednesday, October 1, 2014

That 70's Tangent ~ People are Good

Yes, I choose to believe that people are good.  We often hear of the few "bad apples" so it is important to remember to share the stories about the "good apples".  Recently,  I have been on the hunt for some vintage Corelle dish ware.  Of course it is the 70's patterns that I am after.  I scour the thrift shops looking for pieces of the "Butterfly Gold" and "Crazy Daisy" patterns.   I was lucky to find these hook handle tea cups and creamer in the "Crazy Daisy" pattern.

Meanwhile on the exact day, Susan spied the matching sugar bowl in her thrift shop.  She didn't pick it up for me for two reasons.  She had no idea that I had found the other pieces and in a previous conversation about the creamer and sugar set I had indicated that it wasn't pieces I was looking for.   The following day when Susan came over and saw the pieces I had found she said that she wished she had picked up the sugar bowl after all and that she would check at the store on the way home just in case it was still there an entire day later.  Neither of us were hopeful but we both agreed that it sure would be great to have the set.

Off Susan went.  She battled traffic and also got a bit lost as she was taking a new route from my house.  She finally got to the thrift store and quickly headed for the kitchen section.  This mission was all about timing.  As she approached the area she noticed a lady passing her who appeared to have lots of Pyrex in her cart.  Sure enough that sugar bowl was gone but on the upside there were three cereal bowls to be had.  Suddenly, the lady with the Pyrex reappeared in the kitchen section.  She was putting a bowl in the "Crazy Daisy" pattern back on the shelf.  Susan told the lady that she would take that bowl if this lady didn't want it because she was looking for pieces for her sister.  That's me.  LOL  The lady then tells Susan that she too is looking for pieces in this pattern for her sister, but decided that her sister probably didn't need more bowls.  Apparently, their mother had this pattern in the past and the sister was hoping to collect a set of her own.  Susan then told this lady how she had seen the sugar bowl to the set the day before and wished she had bought it but sure enough it was gone.  The lady then reaches down into her cart and says, "This sugar bowl?"  She had picked it up for her sister.  Susan laughed.  The lady then gives Susan the sugar bowl and says, "Here, you take it for your sister."  Susan was so touched by the kindness of this stranger but told her that there was no way that she could take the sugar bowl.  This kind lady said that her sister knew nothing about this sugar bowl and would know no difference.  She said that since I knew that Susan was going back to look for it,  I should have it.  Susan thanked her profusely for her kindness and then pointed out that there were coffee mugs available in the pattern.  The lady was surprised that she had missed seeing them and was happy to pick them up for her sister's collection.  This made me really happy since her sister missed out on the sugar bowl.

When Susan got home, she called me to tell me this amazing story.  That sugar bowl would have been in her hands if it hadn't been for traffic and taking a new route.  She was so close to getting it and yet it was just not in the cards.  We talked about how this stranger was so kind to give up that piece.  I wish I could thank this lady in person.  I guess I can only pay it forward at some future time.

Behold the sugar bowl.

Here's the set!

Now whenever I see that sugar bowl I will have two happy thoughts.  Firstly, I have an amazing sister who is willing to go out of her way to help me on one of my tangents. Thank you Susan.  :)  Secondly,  I will think of this kind stranger who insisted that I have the sugar bowl.  People are good.  I will believe this forever.



  1. The stars were meant to have that little bowl. It really was a special thing meeting that kind woman at the thrift shop.

  2. That is so cool. It is so funny you are collecting these. This is the set my mother had for many, many years when I was a kid. Yes, there are kind people. Too bad we don't meet more people like that.

    1. This pattern was released in 1970. My mother had the blue pattern called "Old Town Blue". I love these vintage patterns much more than the new ones out. No surprise there. ;)

  3. People are good. You're right. I think there are more good people than bad about. We have to keep believing that! This is a wonderful story. Keep on colllecting you never know what will happen next

  4. People are good and other collectors certainly "get" us, don't they.


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