Thursday, October 9, 2014

That 70's Tangent ~ Pyrex Love

In my quest of bringing "all things 70's" in my home I have discovered a love of Pyrex.  Not just any Pyrex, not the Pyrex of today.  No, it has to be the vintage stuff.  The pieces that were produced from the 1940's through to the mid 1980's.  This Pyrex is the good stuff.  These pieces have that milk glass inside and the beautiful colours and patterns that would have any pattern addicted scrapbooker wanting to collect them just for their beauty alone.

I have been on the lookout while thrifting for some beautiful and functional pieces.  I was thrilled to find this large casserole at The Antique Mall in Edmonton for $19.  It is in the Crazy Daisy pattern and I love the busy patterned lid.  Christmas potatoes will now be heated up and served in this!

I have decided to put together an eclectic set of mixing bowls.  I don't mind that they don't match.  The different pieces will go with some of the Corelle dishes that I have collected.  The smaller bowls will make great serving dishes.

The large bowl is the "Town and Country" pattern ($8 at Value Village), the blue bowl is the "Snowflake Blue" pattern ($3 at Goodwill) and the small bowl is the "Woodland Brown" pattern ($6 at The Antique Mall).  Now I am on the lookout for one more bowl to complete the set.  It has to be in good condition and for a good price.  It's what makes the hunt fun.

I was thrilled to find this divided dish with lid at Value Village for $7.  It was released in the 1950's and was never given an official name for it's pattern.  It is often described as "Gold Starburst".  It was advertised as a great dish for heating two different foods.  Back in the day it was sold with a wire base and carrying handle which made it perfect for bringing food to parties.  I plan on using it to marinate meat in or to store leftovers.  It is the perfect size.

I can see how people collect these vintage pieces.  They are beautiful.  When I look in my cupboard I am happy to see this.  Mrs. Brady and Kitty Foreman would understand.  ;)

These pieces will last forever and are classics.  When I bring them home I clean the inside only with a little Barkeeper's Friend and then put them in the dishwasher,  just once,  to sanitize them.  After that they are washed by hand in hopes of keeping the colours and patterns on the outside of the pieces vivid.

I'll leave you with a little Ryan Gosling love.   These make me laugh.  A good Canadian boy, he is.



  1. You are SO sucking me in with this! I can see why you love them and next Charity Shop (as we call them here) I'll be on the look out.

    I'm a big Kitty Foreman fan. I need her hair

  2. Oh, I totally understand your pyrex love. You are making me want to hit the antique stores... just when I am doing so good about purging and decluttering and getting rid of stuff. I think I need to get rid of more just for an excuse to buy some. ;)


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