Monday, October 20, 2014

To the Antique Mall!

Oh the Antique Mall in Edmonton... it is becoming one of my happy places.  Aisles and aisles to slowly walk up and down looking for vintage treasure.  There are over 300 venders and each has it's own little spot filled with lovelies.  It is a wonderful way to spend a few hours on a Sunday afternoon.  It used to be that when I went,  I was on the lookout for hobnail milk glass.  I have officially declared that collection as complete. One day I'll take some photos and share it on the blog.  These days I am looking for Pyrex!  Just a more functional kind of milk glass.  ha ha

As I have said before, there are pros and cons to shopping at the Antique Mall.  It's the perfect place to go if you are looking for that hard to find piece for your collection.  With so many venders there is a better chance that you just might find it.  But this convenience comes with a price... a  much higher price than if you found it yourself while thrifting.  One great thing about the Antique Mall is that the items are often in better condition than what you might find thrifting.  So it is a give and take kind of thing.  I find that I leave the Antique Mall with the thrill of that automatic gratification of scoring some great finds for the collections but I also leave with a bit of a let down feeling that it was just too easy and I paid more.

Here's what I paid too much for this time!  ;)

I found the middle sized bowl for my Pyrex "Woodland Brown" set.  It is pristine and shiny with not a scratch and for this I paid $9.

Oh they look so great together!

Next I came upon this medium sized casserole dish in the "Butterfly Gold 2" pattern.  This second release of the pattern has a different design and the colour is more yellow than the gold of the original pattern.  It is in excellent condition and cost $18.  Its size is the perfect addition to my vintage casserole dishes.  I guess I better start making casseroles.  LOL

My last find lead me to a personal realization about Pyrex.  It's a scary one.  I have discovered that there is no Pyrex pattern that I don't eventually fall in love with.  A pattern that I can originally look at and say "it's okay" will eventually turn into a feeling of, "I love it!", if I look at said pattern long enough.  This is what happened with "Forest Fancies".  This pattern was released in 1981.  The more I looked at it, the more I loved those adorable mushrooms and that surface splatter.  It took awhile though.  I was originally able to pass up casserole dishes at The Goodwill.  Then yesterday happened.  Rob spotted this complete set of 4 bowls,  never used with some of the original packaging in place.  They just seemed so perfect and yes, for $35 they are now living in my kitchen cupboard with the other bowl families.  I think I need an intervention and quick!

It was a successful antiquing day and that feeling of missing out on the thrift store hunt seems to fade more and more as I become distracted with the shininess of these new bowls.


*Diane's bowl collection was not forgotten on this trip.  I was able to put a lovely set of four together for her.  Unfortunately,  I went to her house right from the mall to give them to her and forgot to take a photo of the set.  Maybe one day I can do a photo shoot when I'm over.


  1. LOL You are too funny. Your pyrex fascination makes me giggle. What an amazing collection you have!!! Oh how fun it would be to go to the antique mall with you. :) Still haven't made it to the thrift stores around me. Ended up doing some baking on Sunday. I made apple crisp with Ben and the little neighbor girl as she was over playing with him. Today, school and cleaning and spending time with Brit as she was home sick from school.

  2. Honestly, I really do think there's a book in this..

  3. I agree with Sian! I can see you are having way too much fun with this tangent.


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