Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Tuesday Tea Time

Susan came over today.  We did some knitting, met Rob for lunch at our favourite Chinese food restaurant and then did a bit of thrifting.  We always have fun on Tuesdays and one of my favourite things we do is have tea time.  Tea time usually happens between 2:30 pm and 3:00 pm.

Lately, tea time is much more enjoyable thanks to Susan's sweet cookie adventure.  Susan is baking her way through an entire cookie cookbook!  She bakes cookies on Monday's and then brings over a sample for Tuesday tea.  It is really fun to try so many different types of cookies from different parts of the world.  Susan has a blog detailing her adventure which you can take a peek at here.

Today's cookies were called "Piglets",  made from a recipe from Mexico.  They were so good!  They had a hint of orange and cinnamon,  a nice crunch and were great with tea.

Today's tea was David's Tea.  I had "Midsummer Night's Dream".  It is a delicious blend of citrus and mint.  Susan had "Orange Blossom".  A citrus delight.

We even had it Downton Abby style and served it on Royal Albert china "Enchantment".  We decided that tea tastes much better from a china cup.

We were feeling like queens!  The only thing we were missing was fascinators.



  1. What's not to love about a biscuit shaped like a pig?!

  2. How fun. The cookies look so good. So neat that you pulled out the good China (pretty set, too, BTW).

  3. Oh I could make a pig out of myself when tempted with cookies like those.


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