Monday, November 24, 2014

A Good Day Thrifting

Today I was going through thrifting withdrawal and was looking for something to do to get me out of the house on this above freezing weather day.  So off I went to hit the four thrift shops in Sherwood Park.  It was a successful haul.  Here's what I found!

My first stop was at The Value Village.  Down in the yarn aisle I found multiple balls by one of my favourite Canadian Yarn companies,  Patons.  Adding to the fact that they are turquoise and only $6 for the lot, it was a no brainer.  These will eventually be turned into a youth size hat, scarf and mittens set.

Back up to the kitchen aisle and I came upon these beauties!  Fire-King Kimberly mugs!

These mugs scream the 70's.  I love the diamond design in them but have always stayed away from collecting them as they are usually found in a colourful milk glass which may have looked brilliant back in the day but unfortunately does not wear well.  Finding these in brown glass and looking pristine just makes me happy. They only cost me $4.  These may be making an appearance in an upcoming Tuesday Tea post.

Next stop was The Salvation Army.  Here I found these amazing glass candy dishes in gold for a total price of $4.50...

to match the ones I had at home in avocado green.  It will be great to mix them up.

Third stop on the thrifting route is The Goodwill.  Well, The Goodwill near Susan's place may be amazing but this one is tiny and I rarely make a score.  No treasure to be found here today.  Susan found a small Pyrex bowl in Crazy Daisy green for only $1 last week at this one!

Last stop is The County's Clothesline.  I love it when I can find useful things while thrifting.  Look at all of the wrapping paper and tissue paper that I found for a grand total of $5.50.

I'm thinking that this stuff is from the 90's.  The plastic packaging was all unopened but seemed a bit dusty, so I got rid of it and am storing it together in a clean zip lock bag.  What I love best about this somewhat vintage wrapping paper, is that the print on it is no longer out there and therefore will make the wrapped gift look somewhat original.  There is just something about finding stuff that is no longer in production.  Remember the Rug Rats?  They had birthday paper with those characters on it.  I haven't heard anything about the Rug Rats since my girls were little.

So with all the money I saved, I decided to stop over at Starbuck's for a latte.  Then I took a boo in the cook book section at Chapters and ended up coming home with this.

Here's hoping that it will inspire me to get back into the kitchen and whip up some comfort food.  I need all the inspiration I can get.  In my defence, I do cook for a "picky pants" husband.  ;)   Rob doesn't like foods touching or any kind of gravy or sauce, so finding recipes is always a challenge.



  1. Ok... if you ever find another cookbook like that, let me know!!! :) Love the recipes and I have quite a few. I used to get their magazines in the mail. I can empathize with you about "picky pants" eaters. Tax office cooking is coming fast. I am betting they are worse than Rob. LOL This will be year 6, and I don't look forward to it too much anymore. Love all of the other finds too. You made a good haul today. May I say, that yarn is gorgeous!!!

  2. What fun finds. Just this week an old thrift find of mine came in handy. Little brown glass candleholders that I picked up for 75 cents each were the perfect touch for my MIL's Thanksgiving candles. Long live the thrifting!!

  3. I'd love to go thrifting with you. It would be a lot of fun to see what your eye fell on first in each shop.

    A good day's work, I'd say :)

  4. Love all the beautiful glass findings....great successful day of thrifting.


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