Thursday, November 27, 2014

All I Want for Christmas is ... Chicken Pox!

Poor Thomas came down with Chicken Pox this past weekend.  Most children go through it and if they are anything like my girls they have a story to tell.  Diane got them at the age of four.  Her best memory was that Aunt Susan mailed her a set of miniature gold dishes for her Barbies.  Lisa didn't catch them until grade four despite me intentionally sending her to play with infected children... just to get it over with at a young age.  Finally at the age of nine a little boy at Lisa's elementary school, named Cory,  got them.  He wasn't even in the same class but they did ride on the same bus.  Sure enough Lisa finally caught them and Cory was quite proud to point out that it was he who gave them to her.  We lost touch with Cory as the kids grew up but it is a small world after all.  Last summer, Diane was in Calgary watching her fiancee do a fire fit challenge for the fire department.  Turns out that Cory is a fire fighter too.  Diane recognized him and they had a chat and yes, she did remind him that he gave Lisa Chicken Pox.

Back to Tom and his story of Chicken Pox.  We have been getting lots of photos documenting the progression of the pox.  But the best part was the videos sent of Tom.  I have to tell you that he was looking pretty rough by Tuesday.  Poor little guy.  The videos were so hilarious that Susan and I watched them many times because they just made us laugh.  He has a bit of a dramatic flare in them.

Well today was a special day for Thomas.  Santa Claus was visiting the daycare today but Tom has been home all week with his mom.  Santa being the awesome guy that he is made a home visit to Tom's house to give him his gift!  I think that Mia is looking for her gift too.  LOL

Awww.  Just gives me goosebumps of happiness.  I'm sure that Thomas's memory of getting the Chicken Pox will be how he got a special home visit from Santa Claus!

He is looking so much better.  Definitely on the mend.  You may notice that he is sporting his new shark slippers with the glow in the dark eyes.  They are an early "open now" Christmas gift from me and Rob and I think that they arrived at the perfect time.  They're a hit!



  1. Awww... poor boy. I am glad he is recovering. Laura had chicken pox at age 2. The other two kids never got them. Here in the states, they now push the chicken pox vaccine. Both Brit and Ben were given the vaccine. I questioned them like crazy as to why and where it was all those years before. Not a fan of them fast-tracking certain things out onto the market.

    The shark slippers are definitely a fun thing to help you feel better. :)

  2. Aw. I'm glad he's feeling a bit better. A visit from Santa? how special is that?! You're right: I think everyone has a chicken pox story. I caught it close to Christmas too, but I was 19 and in my first term away from home.

    Get Well Soon Thomas


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