Friday, November 14, 2014

Crafty Day

Tuesday is usually the day that Susan and I get together.  Sometimes life gets busy and we miss out on our day together.  Sometimes we shift our meeting day to a more suitable day.  So "Tuesday Tea Time" can turn into "Thursday Tea Time".

Yesterday's tea time looked a bit like this.

Susan baked some amazing German cookies, with an amazing blend of spices and topped with a lemon icing.  You can read more about them here.  We had David's Tea.  Susan enjoyed "A Current Affair" while I enjoyed "A Mid Summer's Night Dream".  We went Downton Abbey style with proper Royal Doulton china.  It's my wedding pattern circa 1984, "Giselle".  Tea does taste better in china.  :)

We got a bit of knitting done after a quick shopping trip for Christmas gifts for our favourite little nephew, Tom.  While Susan tried to detangle and wind a ball of yarn, her sidekick Lady decided it was time for some head rubs.  Lady's persistence always makes me chuckle.

It was a lovely day.



  1. Oooohh!!! I was wondering if you had cookies and tea. :) They look so good!!! The pics of Lady made me giggle. She is a persistent little pup. :)

  2. ..and now it's been nicely recorded too :)

  3. Those cookies look amazing. Lady doesn't take "no" as an answer.


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