Saturday, November 15, 2014

My Reading Challenge Wrap Up

In my efforts to motivate myself to get back into reading I challenged myself to read 5 books that were up for The Giller Prize.  You can read about it here and here.  Basically I choose 5 books that interested me from the 12 books on The Giller Prize long list.  I was thrilled that when the short list was revealed, three of the books I had chosen were still in the running.  At this point I had two books left to read.  I decided to focus on finishing up The Girl Who Was Saturday Night by Heather O'Neill since this was still in the running.  I was hoping to love this book and therefore root for it to be the winner of $100,000!!

I did start the book. ;)    It is very interesting even if the characters are weird to the core.  I was enjoying that it is set in Montreal.  I knew many of the landmarks and areas that they were talking about.  I even understood some of the political references of the time.  But then... I got on another tangent.  The book still sat on the coffee table pushed behind the knitting.  That's the scarf for the lovely young lady in WI.  It is now finished and I'm on to a matching set of mittens.

Not much reading was getting done, but yay to knitting!

The Giller Prize date was sneaking up on me.  It was announced on November 10 and I still wasn't finished the last two books.  :(  As it turns out none of my choices won.  The prize went to a book called Us Conductors by Sean Michaels.  It is inspired by the real life Russian scientist, inventor and spy, Lev Termen.  He invented the theremin.  It is the theremin that makes that weird sound in the Star Trek theme song.  You know the one?  Here's Sheldon Cooper playing his.  Hilarious!

So that's the reading update from a person who is always on a tangent and still has two books to finish reading but is rocking the knitting.  I guess it is just the way I roll.  :)


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  1. are rocking the knitting. If you didn't get into the book after the first chapters it couldn't have been that good. If I get hooked nothing will let me go off on a tangent xx


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