Monday, November 17, 2014

That 70's Tangent ~ The Decorative Bowl

A few months ago I decided to add touches of "avocado green" to my home decor.  We have always been fans of the colour green around here and "avocado green" compliments "harvest gold" so perfectly.  Rob and I went to The Antique Mall in Edmonton to look for that special piece for the living room.  I would know it when I saw it.  We searched and searched and realized that there is a lot  more gold pieces out there than there are green.  Finally I spied it and knew that it would be perfect!

The tag labelled this glass piece as a "decorative bowl".  Rob instantly said, "No, it's an ashtray."  I really wanted to believe that it was a bowl because I wasn't sure if I wanted an ashtray in my house.  Rob pointed out the little ledge to hold a cigarette.  I told him that he was wrong and it was just the way the blown glass went.  I just wanted to believe that tag.

At the cash I asked the lady what she thought it was.  She said without a thought, "It's a cigar ashtray."  Her theory made sense because that little ledge was kind of wide and would really hold a thick cigar much better than a cigarette.

She said that all of the tags on the ashtrays read "decorative bowl".  I decided to take it home anyway.  We had a lot of fun asking anyone who came into the house what they thought it was.  Some saw it as an ashtray immediately and others just a glass decoration.

I like having this piece in my living room even if it really is an ashtray.  I figure that if I want a small reflection of the 70's in my home, then an ashtray definitely belongs even though nobody is going to be smoking in my place.

It got me thinking of what smoking was in the past.  It was glamourized.  A person wouldn't just have a functional ugly ashtray.  They had beautiful detailed ornate pieces that served as beautiful decor and functioned as an ashtray.  I guess it was to enhance the joy of smoking.  Kind of like how I say that tea tastes better served in a china cup with a saucer.  Times have changed and we know of the dangers of smoking.  Past generations did not have the benefit of this knowledge before picking up that first cigarette.  Todays decorative ashtray at the house party is an old washed out soup can sitting on the back deck.

I'll leave you with a glimpse of the ashtray that my Grandfather Taylor used while smoking his pipe back in the day.  This was a piece of decor.  That is little Susan in the far left of the photo.  I'm still under production at this point.



  1. It does look like an ashtray, but still looks wonderful in your home. :) Isn't it funny how smoking was glamorized back then, but now it is the polar opposite. We don't smoke and nobody is allowed to smoke in our house either. It has alleviated a few people from visiting, not on purpose, their choice. But, I hate the smell of it. Greg's dad was a smoker and didn't come around much because he couldn't smoke in the house.

  2. I don't think I would have noticed that's what it really is. I'm a big fan of bowls: anything bowl shaped is good to me! Though now you mention it, it looks as though it would look good on a boardroom table..maybe with a few ad men, a kind of Bewitched look?

  3. It looks pretty and that is the most important thing.


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