Saturday, November 8, 2014

That 70's Tangent ~ Good Treasure

There are good thrifting days and then there are great thrifting days.  This particular day was a great thrifting day.  Here is what four thrifting stores and $20.50 found me!

Hook handle tea cups with saucers in "Old Town Blue" for $5.

A Pyrex sugar bowl in "Butterfly Gold" for $1.

Two pasta dishes in "Butterfly Gold" for $2.

A small Pyrex bowl in the "Forrest Fancies" pattern for $4.  I already have this bowl so I'm seeing if I can find a home for it at Susan's place.  It was just too good to pass up.

A medium casserole dish with lid in pristine condition for $6.  It is the "Homestead" pattern which was released to coordinate with the "Old Town Blue" Corelle dishes.  It is the perfect size for making scalloped potatoes in.

I was thrilled to find a refrigerator dish with a lid that doesn't have a cow on it.  It was only $2.

And lastly, that  brown plate is Corelle.  It is the luncheon size and was only $0.50.  It isn't a pattern that I am collecting but I had never seen that pattern before and was attracted to it.

A quick research found out that it is the "Balik" pattern which was released in 1979.  No wonder I liked it!  It was discontinued by early 1982.  As harvest gold and avocado green was becoming outdated in the late 70's, brown was coming in as the colour.  The design of this collection was inspired by traditional textile printing methods.  I am not planning on collecting this pattern but am very happy to own this piece.  It compliments my collection quite nicely.

It was a great day!



  1. That's quite a haul of kitchenware! Has Rob started building those display shelves yet? ;-) Can't wait to see all of this in person.

  2. I love that brown dish. How much do you bet that you won't be able to pass up a few more pieces?!

    I'm still thinking book - maybe with some 70's recipes in it? stories about family life in the 70's? bit of crochet?

  3. That last pattern is very cool. I am surprised that you can remember what you already have when you are out shopping, or can you? ;-)

    1. No I can't remember anymore so I keep a list. haha With the dish collection I have specific numbers of each piece I am looking for, so I just update my list whenever I find more. I actually have very little left to find on the Corelle front. :)


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