Tuesday, November 4, 2014

That 70's Tangent ~ I Know What Crazy Looks Like

It's been some time since I did a Pyrex post.  Well, not really that much time actually, but kind of,  considering how often I have been blogging about this new tangent.  I like to pride myself on knowing what crazy looks like.  I'm not a delusional woman.  But then I took a good look at this whole Pyrex obsession thing and saw the actions of a crazy person!  At this point I was still spending lots of time on line drooling over vintage Pyrex patterns.  I was still craving the acquisition of more bowl sets.  I was brain storming ways to house them and display them in a tasteful manner.  I even considered emptying the built in china cabinet in my kitchen for this purpose.  My logical mind reminded me that I would much rather see my fine china on a daily basis and then Rob pointed out that the glass shelving might not support the weight of heavy Pyrex.  I dreamed of having a big country kitchen with a beautiful shelving unit that would allow for a true Pyrex collection.  Then I looked at my average sized kitchen and knew that I had to get some control over this Pyrex thing.

At this point I owned 14 bowls.  Being a person who loves balance and order and completeness, I knew that 14 bowls would soon turn into 16 bowls which equals 4 full bowl sets.  I decided to rectify this by letting go of two bowls leaving me with three complete bowl sets.  I had already gotten Diane a full set and Lisa made it very clear that she was good for bowls and not really wanting to partake in my Pyrex craze.  It became apparent that Susan was the person I needed to beg to adopt my two Pyrex bowls.  Well, it seems that my going on and on about Pyrex had her interested.  She already had a full set since the early 80's but a couple of extra bowls could be put to use.  I was feeling good that I had finally gotten a handle on this addiction.  ;)  I decided that the only things I could really justify getting would be a refrigerator set and that much admired lasagne pan, if I was ever lucky enough to find these items.

I was still hitting the thrift stores on a regular basis looking for the last few pieces on my vintage Corelle dishes wish list.  I even found this refrigerator dish last week at Goodwill.

It isn't Pyrex and I wish it didn't have that cow image on the lid but it is a very useful piece to keep cheese or butter in the fridge.  For $5 I couldn't pass it up.

Then this past weekend we went to The Antique Mall.  I wanted to find Susan a third bowl for her set because apparently my need to have things balanced extends to other people too.  I know it is weird and I'm going to really fight the urge to get her that fourth bowl because I really don't think she wants it.

This is where I'd like to point out that Rob is an enabler.  I did find one large refrigerator dish with a lid.  But it wasn't in the best shape and was a plain yellow and they wanted $25 for it.  It just wasn't pretty enough for the price.  Rob tried to convince me to get it but I stayed strong.  But not for long.

I found this medium size refrigerator dish without a lid for $10 in the Crazy Daisy pattern.

I love it and have this hope that one day I'll find a lid for it although this may be wishful thinking.  But I am thinking of using it in the panty to contain gravy packets of plastic chip clips.

Then in one of the last aisles of the market Rob spotted this little one.

I had seen it on our last visit and was able to walk on by knowing I didn't need it.  But the colour is so great and the pattern is so lovely and now it lives in my kitchen with other wayward Pyrex pieces needing an adoption and a loving forever home... kind of like Lady did.

It belongs to the "Town and Country" set which was released in 1963 and discontinued by 1967.  It was only these three sizes of casserole dishes that had this band of the brown pattern.  Somehow learning this makes me really excited that I own this dish.

So here's where I figure I am on the crazy scale.  Sane enough to draw the line at displaying Pyrex bowls on the book shelf in the living room.  But... still crazy enough to come home with two more pieces that I really don't need.  But when I look at these two pieces sitting together, a happy feeling comes over me.  Is that crazy?  ;)



  1. I like a little bit of crazy :)

  2. Oh Jen, there are worse things than collecting pyrex. Maybe a little crazy, but I too like a little bit of crazy as well. :) I had fun the other day looking at all of the Pyrex bowls at the antique store by me, thinking of you and your shopping adventures. :)

  3. Noooo, not at all crazy....if you need to be making four casseroles at the same time or mixing up 12 batches of cookies in one afternoon. ;-) LOL

  4. Apparently a tad a crazy doesn't bother Rob, so you must not have crossed that line that you are very definitely leaning over. Having said that, you have me craving a lasagna pan as well. PS I know that line - in my house it relates to Longaberger pottery.


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