Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Wednesday Tea Time

Well, it just doesn't have the same ring as "Tuesday Tea Time" does it.  But it sure was a good one.  Susan made these amazing cookies.  They are a Swedish cookie called Cherry Half Moons.  What made them extra special was that the jam used in the recipe was made by Susan with cherries off of the tree in her backyard.  Fancy cookies like this call for fancy dishes so we broke out the Royal Albert.

We enjoyed some David's Tea as well.

Susan left me with a small stash of these cookies so I may just be having a tea re-enactment tomorrow.  :)



  1. I saw those on her cookie blog. They look SO good!!! I think I too would have a cookie/tea re-enactment. :)

  2. It all looks delish! And your lace runner is very pretty.


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