Monday, November 10, 2014

What I Like About Banff

The second of 4 Banff blog posts.

I am not a traveller.  No, not in any stretch of the imagination.  I'm a homebody and there is nothing nomadic in my blood.  But every now and then it is nice to get away.  Banff is the perfect spot.  It is only a 4.5 hour drive to arrive in some kind of paradise.  I love it in the summer, except for the crowds.  I love it in the winter.  It is a wonderland.  I love it in the spring.  It's warm enough to really tour around and cool enough to be comfortable.  And now I love it in the late fall.  Most tourists are gone and so the locals are happy.  There is an anticipation of snow and the opening of the ski hills.  The shop windows are filled with warm woolies and winter gear and the Christmas decor is slowly making its way up.  Yes, I love Banff all year long.

So what is it that I love?  Well other than the mountains...

I love the wildlife.  Elk on the side of the road,

A tiny deer having lunch...

(Rob got out of the car to get a photo...)

and this family of deer who comes each morning and late afternoon to feast on the grass right outside the hotel.  There are five in all.

There is always one who melts my heart.

I love staying at the Rimrock, all snuggly nested into the mountain.  It is the highest hotel in Banff.  Hmm  Maybe that's why Rob had some altitude issues this time.

It is a room with a view.

This time the hotel had an artificial tree with white maple leaves at the entrance.  It was actually quite beautiful.

This is our favourite restaurant.  We went to it for the first time 27 years ago and have loved it ever since.  Each trip we make sure that we go once for the dinner menu and once for the lunch menu.

I love visiting "The Spirit of Christmas" store, even though I am not a Christmas fan anymore.  There is still lots that lends itself to celebrating Winter Solstice.  This store is open year round for anyone who wants to feel a little Christmas joy.

There are look out points...

and lots of natural beauty to be seen, even if this time around we were dodging rain.

And while in Banff I love getting my feet pampered with a spa pedicure.  Yay!  These are happy feet.

Even the sewer covers are unique in Banff!

Banff is my happy place.  Everybody needs one happy place in life.  :)



  1. Very scary I have photos that are almost exactly the same, isn't Banff amazing!

  2. It sounds like a wonderful place. Your pleasure pours from the page!

  3. Your photos are is like traveling with you.


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